In this article I’m going to show 2 keys to attracting abundance using the Law of Attraction. As you’ll soon find out, we need to have a special care when it comes to money because we have need it in our daily lives.

Making use of these elements into our lives will allow you to get over those problems you have to attracting abundance, and you’ll see real world financial results very quickly. If you ignore these elements, you’ll find yourself constantly banging your head against the wall, asking why the Law of Attraction won't work when it comes to money.

Key #ONE: Do not aim on money but the end desire

Sadly many of us get caught in this trap of trying to manifest or attract a specific amount of money. We aim on the idea of getting $10, 000 or whatever amount it is.

It may work but almost not certainly

You see, one of the fundamentals to getting the Law of Attraction in high gear is burning desire. In general, to attract money you have to have greater desire and not limit yourself.

For example, if we desire $10, 000 to get out of debt. Focusing on attracting a debt free life gives you more desire than simply the arbitrary $10, 000. Do you see how that works?

Money is most often just a means to an end. Aim on attracting the end goal, rather than the means.

Key #2: Enhance your vibration in relation to wealth

It simply means that you work your feelings towards money. You know that negative feeling or feeling of resistance or stress or worry that you get when you think about money? That could be a big reason why Law of Attraction is not working for you.

It might sound counter-intuitive but it’s your feeling of non-ease that’s creating the financial problem. Not the other way around.

Begin to feel better about money, and it will come to you much more easily.

So what do you need to do? Well, one of my favorite methods is EFT. For extra points you can use EFT with the choices method to choose to feel great about money.

Another extremely effective method of enhacing your vibration with relation to money is to keep a gratitude journal that focuses on money. In this journal you could write down 10 things per day, in relation to money that you are grateful for.

So even if you are stone cold broke you could write entries such as:

“I am thankful that money exists because it empowers to exchange my goods and services for other goods and services. ”

“I am thankful for the fact that I can go out and wash cars to earn money if I have to. ”

“I am grateful for the fact that the bank gives me credit when I need it. ”

Those are just a handful of examples you could use, even when times are tough.

Now that you understand these ideas, what you need to do right now is think about what that money will allow you to do, be or have. Then make that your primary aim.

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