This week has been full of surprising passages -- Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and several others who are loved and revered by millions. Both those close to these individuals and people all around the world mourn.

Flowers can help us in many ways to let go of grief and shift to feeling the free flow of love again.

Lavender has a slightly different approach to helping ease our feelings of grief.
In this month's AARP magazine, there's an article about Irish Lee Underwood and her life-transforming experience with lavender. Her daughter had been dead for seven years when she stroked a piece of lavender she was harvesting and "the cloud of grief that had hung over me lifted."

So, what's at work here?

Two things: 1. She had a readiness to release her grief. 2. Lavender provided the portal.

The true portal is beauty and finding and experiencing beauty. Lavender shares its beauty on many levels, addressing most, if not all, of our senses -- their visual beauty, their sweet fragrance (which is intensified by being handled or crushed), their delicious flavor, and their velvety softness.

So, when we EXPERIENCE the tiniest little bit of beauty, when it penetrates out awareness/consciousness - whether through site or sound or smell or in whatever way - it can disintegrate the entire "cloud of grief" in one fell swoop -- much in the way a tiny pin-prick pops a bubble.

And, lavender has a very intense fragrance that can penetrate the veil when other beauty does not register.

So, when you are ready to move beyond grief, consider lavender in all its beauty.

Lavender Affirmation:
I experience and enjoy the beauty of the world around me in so many ways.

In Joy and With Love,
Katherine C. H. E.
Cultivator of Joy

Author's Bio: 

Cultivator of Joy, Katherine C. H. E. is an author and expert on the Law of Attraction. She has been involved with flowers and photography most of her life. Her energy work grew out of her photography of flowers a number of years ago and started to build from little ideas she used with herself and her son to wonderful help available to others as well. She currently works with clients to help them improve any and all areas of their lives -- from their health to all aspects of their well-being. She is the creator of Flower Meditation and her unique approach to using flower energy called Flower Vibrations.