Whenever an opportunity stands ahead of women, they take it to great heights. They always bring a new perspective, a problem-solving approach, and an innovative mindset to the table.

Meet Lauren Kriner, the Vice President of Business Development at Capitol Construction Services Inc. Lauren is a striking example in today’s construction market. Blending her passion for construction with her experience, she is driving the marketing efforts of the company.

We at Insights Success a business solutions interviewed Lauren to know more about her journey in the construction industry and how Capitol Construction has managed to stay one of the most professional general contractors in the Indianapolis market.

Enlighten us on how you have made an impact in the Construction niche through your expertise in the market? 

There are not many women in construction, and to be able to work in the industry, create true relationships, and talk intelligently about the work we do is rare. Not only am I a woman in the industry, but I am involved in organizations whose mission is to make an impact for other women in the industry. I am a Past President of IndyCREW (CREW is an international organization that promotes the roles of women in commercial real estate) and continue to be involved in real estate and construction organizations.

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