Making money online is the passion of the current generation. Even successful professionals want to leave their job and try to make money online. If you are on this page it might mean you’re still unsuccessful in your endeavor and you are looking for some proven ways to get to a good start. You can simply take the example of Laura Egocheaga. You might be familiar with this name. Laura is an internet sensation and most popular as an internet marketer and web developer. You will not find much difference between her and your life if you do a close observation. You might find your childhood better since she has gone through a very troublesome and stressful childhood. Let’s have look at her journey that can help you to design your path towards success. 


Lonely And Loveless Childhood 


Lonely and loveless, both these words do not fit well to a child. Childhood is all about love, care, and a secure environment. This little child had no place for these words in her childhood. Her mother abandoned her at her tender age when she was only seven years old. She left all her hope and could not adjust to this lonely life. She eventually became a drug-addicted child who could not even think of a prosperous future. She might have gone through many difficult incidents before knowing how to handle things properly. Fortunately, she managed to do so and became the woman she wanted to be. She learned crafts during schooling and also started affiliate marketing. This was her first attempt to make money on the internet.


A Versatile Personality 


In the first attempt, she earned $20k in six months. Affiliate marketing made her realize the earning potential of the internet. She wanted to use this to do something bigger. Her journey started from here. She did not limit herself to affiliate marketing. She tried different industries. Needless to mention, all of them were associated with the internet. You can take the example of the crypto, Facebook ad, and her popular books. She wrote a book named, “The Small Business Guide to Social Media Marketing” to help people to understand digital marketing and how to make the most out of it. This book is one of the bestselling books available in the current condition. She is now the founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency. 


Glorious Achievements 


Laura Egocheaga has spent around ten million dollars on Facebook in two years and got a return of seventy five-million in sales. She is a great speaker, renowned author, and the most sought after adviser. She is a Google and Facebook mentor. Currently, she has 20k + followers on IG and works with Fortune 500 brands. Her agency scaled zero figures to six figures in a matter of seven months when she was only twenty-three years old. 


Laura Egocheaga made her path towards the success with her positivity and strong will power. The great achiever is still working to inspire people to make money on the internet.

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