Who Was Ion Fury?

The very first person shooter of the video game that was developed by Voidpoint and published by 3D Realms. Ion Fury runs on a modified version and is the first original commercial game to utilize the engine in the last 19 years. She plays the role of “ShellyBombshell.

Do you know about the old-styled school gamers? Yes you heard it right! The comeback is right here. Ion Fury, which was previously known as Iron Maiden is throwing back as a first person shooter next month.
It has been announced officially by 3D realms The game is slated to be released on August 15 for PC via Steam and GOG. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch will have to wait a while longer before the game makes it to their systems.

The issue with the game started in May, when Iron Maiden launched legal action against 3D Realms for allegedly infringing on the band’s trademark. According to a certain statement made by 3D Realms, it seems that the lawsuit was based on the following:
Shelly Harrison, the main character for then Iron Maiden who was based on band member Steve Harris; the skull bomb logo found in-game is based on the band’s skeleton mascot named Eddie and other numerous “frivolous” claims that the publisher no longer enumerated. Considering the game of Ion Fury, previously known as Iron Maiden has been waiting on deciding on renaming the name which was officially done.

The developers of games were very well acquaintances and known about the world of classics in the late 90’s and the varied style of PC gaming. After working for quite a few years later after two decades the studio returned to create badass shooters in addition to fill it with fast paced shooters who were not ready to abandon the aesthetics.
There is a lawsuit placed over the original name between Ion Maiden and the 3D realms, which runs on the same engine as Duke Nukem 3D being super close and similar to the band;s name. This weighed in Iron Maiden’s favor and then the game took over turns and changed rapidly and drastically.

The game seems similar to Duke Nukem and Doom in terms of humor, ad shown in the trailer, it’s glimpse seemed to operate a vending machine for the main character amidst the chaos for adventures which the developers might have forgotten at the level of comedy.

Summary- The game will fully release on August !5 of this year, in order to access funding which was mainly used to help in the completion of the development. The game is a total return of classic and supposed to enthusiastically inspiring.

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