Here in this article, we will explain the in detail checklist which will help you to start your company easily. Let's go to check out the points one by one.

1# Research the Market & Needs of Target Customer

Conduct market research, interview your target customers, find their problems, and ask what they need.

2# Choose the Right Business Structure

A private limited company is liable for its own debts and losses. Your personal assets remain safe.

3# Write a Detailed Business Plan

A business plan details how you intend to develop & operate your business. Include your vision, objectives, and goals.

4# Convert Your Idea into the Product

Validate your idea, take feedback from target customers, and add features they need into the product.

5# Guard Your IP through Patent, Trademark, Copy-writing

Innovative ideas are rare, and the market is full of copycats. Take out patents, trademark, & copy-write it.

6# Search a Co-Founder with Complementing Skill-Set

Search for a partner who will complement your skill-set.

7# An Experienced Mentor could Point You to Success

A mentor can provide you with insights to overcome challenges and introduce you to important business contacts.

8# Explore for Different Funding Methods

Explore Crowdfunding, VC finding, Angel investors, bank loan, and as a last resort, personal assets.

9# Find a Supportive Investor

If you are going to market to find an investor, search for one who will support you for a long time.

10# Elevator Pitch to Present Problems You Intend to Solve

Tell investors what customer problems you intend to solve and why customers will buy from you.

11# Opt for Company Registration in Singapore

Find a registered filing agent & ask, how to start a company in Singapore, and how they can help you in doing it.

12# Select Employees Carefully to Build Your Team

When you hire employees, pay careful attention to their skill-set and passion.

13# Find a Workplace within Your Budget

Use home office and registered address service to be within the budget.

14# Business Website for Business' Online Branding

Building a business website and invest in Social Media for online presence.

15# Prepare Well-Researched Customer Persona

Know target customers, their demographic, and needs and why they purchase from you.

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