Real estate investing is much more than finding and buying property. There is more to be done once an investor completes the deal. As an investor, you might own the property for months, and more often, for years. And, by all means, you don't want another job or obligation in your life. After all, that is why real estate investing is so appealing.

In order to get that free time and passive income you desire as you embark on your real estate investing career, you need to seek out some help. As such, you should outsource some of your work. The good news is this is easier than you may think.

Here are 3 easy tips for you to use to successfully outsource those daily, weekly and even monthly tasks associated with real estate investing that are better done by someone else (and therefore freeing up your time to… invest more… spend more time with your family… and make more money!).

Tip #1: Expand your geographic investing area by outsourcing

Wouldn’t it be ideal to be able to spend more quality time with your family and friends? Your real estate investing should allow you to do just that. And, wouldn’t it be great to leave that day-job that you can't stand. Again, your real estate investing should allow you to do this, to never to work for anyone else again. By outsourcing work of all kinds, you gain precious time to do what you want to do, whether it is investing more or enjoying more free time.

Think like this… you are the CEO of your company. CEOs don't do the work. Rather, they hire people to get it all done. As CEO, your job is to oversee it all, to manage your real estate investing portfolio. Don’t waste your time filling out landlord forms, chasing tenants, mowing lawns or even collecting rents. Hire this out!

Your most important job should be taking checks to the bank.(Never outsource this task!)

Tip #2: Hire specialists for all aspects and all phases of the work. Here are a few specialists to whom you can and should outsource. Are you an active investor, or doing the research to become one? Do not be surprised if this list saves you more than 20 hours per week in activities, you're currently doing yourself. Imagine just how much larger your portfolio become if you hired:
... Real estate brokers with ARM and/or CPM designations
... Birddogs
... Municipal employees

The real estate broker (or agent) with ARM (Accredited Residential Manager) and/or CPM (Certified Property Manager) designations is essential to your real estate investing success. Not only does this real estate professional find you properties to invest in, but he or she can also serve as your property manager.

An ARM or CPM realtor is educated. This type of realtor has taken many hours of continuing education to achieve such designations. They know what they are doing!

You can find an ARM or CPM Realtor at Here, you can find members from different cities all over the country, allowing you to successfully invest in properties in many different markets. That kind of diversification is very smart.

If you're just starting out in investment real estate, and/or only working in one market area, you should consider hiring what is known as a birddog. This is a person who scopes out buildings and properties for you. You pay the bird dog a finder’s fee to do all of your legwork. Imagine a person (or a group of people) bringing potential investments right to you?

You can’t actually hire municipal employees, but they can serve as partners in your quest for wealth. Here's how: rather than going to the court houses of all the towns and counties in which you are interested in investing, get some help with from municipal employees. Many times these folks are under-appreciated so a little goodwill goes a very long way. Treat these folks with respect and you will be amazed at how much they are willing to help. You can get lists of out of town property owners. Then you can start your letter writing campaign to build your real estate investing portfolio.

Tip #3: Now, here's where it gets really good. Utilize real estate investing courses to learn fast and learn right. By learning from the experiences of others, you can learn all of the expert ins and outs in a fraction of the time it took to develop the knowledge your investing teacher took to get there. This will help launch your real estate investing beyond anything you can imagine!

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