The perfect correlation between listening and speaking is ensured by one platform. It is none other than Clubhouse, an audio-only chat app. Unquestionably, the social media space is competitive. However, the voice-based platform has allowed people across ages and genders to speak freely. Entrepreneurs aiming to promote freedom of speech can get hold of a customized Clubhouse clone. This will help them to begin their journey in the lucrative social networking industry.

How does a Clubhouse Clone App function?

  • Various clubs started by passionate individuals and influencers are the backbone of Clubhouse. Generally, they contain several thousands of members joining from various parts of the world. There are 2 types of rooms (public and private).
  • Moreover, the Silicon Valley headquartered startup has removed the “Followers’” stats from each Club. It will be replaced by a “Membership” button. Further, the Clubhouse platform would offer decision-making powers to certain individuals.
  • The admin of a Club has 2 options. They can tap the “Open” button and permit any person from the globe to join as a person. Moreover, the admin can use the “By Approval” button to individually permit members to join the audio-based social network.
  • Interestingly, people who start exclusive clubs can also hide the “Apply to Join” button. This will ensure only netizens who share similar preferences and tastes will become members.

Wrapping Up

Above all, both the daily and monthly user activity of Clubhouse is rising rapidly. From small rooms to huge events, the 100% audio-based platform has become a hub for all kinds of discourses. Users of the Clubhouse platform will be divided into 3 categories (Admin, Leaders, and Members). Entrepreneurs can make the big decision now, start a Clubhouse clone platform, and become a social media phenomenon soon.

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