You may be a hip-hop fan or just a fashion enthusiast who likes hip-hop outfits in his fashion regime. If you are one of them you know that, hip-hop fashion updates almost every once in a while.

Check out the list below and upgrade your wardrobe now!

1.      Shoes That Speak For Themselves

Shoes are the most talked-about asset of a hip-hop fan. They know every newbie star shoe in the market. If you are one of them, you need to check out the latest light-up shoes.

We aren’t talking about any street light up shoes, but the light-up shoes with standard air design upon the light-up line. In 2019, not only men but womens light up shoes are trending among the nightlife party gang too. They are the ultimate stars for your hip-hop dressing game.

2.      Skin-Tight Designer Tops For The Muscular Ones

Baggy clothes are the standard hip-hop look, but it seems the fashionistas are experimenting with the skin-tight designer clothes these days.

They are looking for traditional designer patterns, minimalist art and other trends printed on skin-tight t-shirts or hoodies. Floral hip hop t-shirts for men and women, traditionally printed mens Dashiki Tshirts and minimalist geometric patterns are one of the main amongst them. Go grab your t-shirt today!

3.      Jackets: Everlasting Trend

Jackets have been a hot favorite buy for a hip-hop fan. They could single-handedly define the hip-hop outfit if worn alone.

They have trended from bubble types to fur types across decades. The recent catch in jacket trend is the fly jackets. They have the army feel. They are also known as aviators. Being comfortable and light-weight, they look street-casual in appearance. Try them because they are inexpensive compared to others yet trendy.

4.      Accessories To Chain Up Your Fashion

Long and thick, extravagant chains are the symbolism for hip-hop accessories. Golden or silver or any chains have been seen in thick and long-form. How about trying a neck-line chain that goes with your t-shirt or jacket?

These chains accompanied by a pendant will suit more than those baggy and heavy ones. You can choose from a range of pendants and play with symbolism and rebel with your hip-hop style.

5.      Baggy Clothes For The Summer

Hip-hop fashion is baggy fashion in general. But when it comes to summer, you need more and cooler cloth material. You need comfortable and thin, baggy t-shirts. No one likes pants in summer, so don’t resist getting those shorts on.

6.      Hip-hop Headgears For A Complete Look

Head scarfs often called as bandana, have been the choice once. If you are still into them then you are out of trend my friend. Hip-hop headgears have taken a contemporary look. Now caps and hats are being transformed to funky and starry look to get into the hip-hop genre.

7.      Hip-Hop Dance Pants

No, you don’t have to wear them for dancing purposes only! These pants look trendy and feel flexible. They are also known as Justin Bieber pants. Time to put off your baggy bottom-wears and adapt to these awesome dance pants.

8.      Crop Tops

Now, this may be subjective to your choice. Crop tops suit well on women. They are the best option to show off your belly button and that awesome figure.

Crop tops suit for men too. If you are in for experimenting with eccentric fashion then you can go for as short tops as women’s. But if you want to experiment with the safe side, try for a lengthy crop top. They go well with harem pants.


Fashion is always about experimenting. Don’t go old-school for your hip-hop fashion in 2019! We have presented some fun options for you to experiment with this year. Have fun!


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