Last Night I Got Into An Argument With My Husband: Fight Between Husband Wife

It may be common for couples to fight but it is not healthy for your marriage. Never ending fights in a marriage could lead to something serious like divorce and if you want to stay married, of course you do not want your relationship to end in divorce. There are ways to avoid fights between couples and here are some tips:

Be reasonable in your arguments. Although you are united as one and suppose to think as one, in reality you both have differences. Arguments may arise anytime but there are ways to be reasonable in your arguments. Do not verbally or physically hurt your spouse during arguments. This is not the time to prove that someone is right and someone is wrong. To avoid fights between couples, always remember that you have common interest and you are just brainstorming to solve the problems in your marriage.

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Avoid getting angry on small things. Fights between couples can be avoided if they do not make small things such a big deal. Of course it is inevitable that your spouse will do things that will disappoint you, but you also have to understand that we are humans, we are not perfect and we commit mistakes. If this is something that you can easily forget, then do not sweat over petty things. You are just wasting your emotions on getting angry on something insignificant.

Do not assume. There are situations that couples just assume and do not ask the reason behind their spouse's actions. Assuming could lead to doubts and fights. To avoid fights between couples, do not assume. The best thing to do is to communicate with each other. There are polite ways to express your feelings and ask questions. It is better to ask about something that you do not understand than assume and blame your spouse.

Good timing. If your spouse had a long tiring day, this is not the right time to talk about problems at home or anything that could add pressure on your spouse. If your spouse is exhausted, his or her reasoning is not in good condition and to avoid fights between couples, you have to wait for the perfect timing.

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Beware of these two biggest marriage problems today! They will erode your marriage and deteriorate your love for one another. They are the roots of all other problems.

The worst thing about these two problems is that most people don't even recognize them as problems. When speaking of marriage problems, most people think about infidelity or money problems, or something like that.

You must know your enemies to defeat them! So what are they?

#1 Biggest Marriage Problems

The first and worst is self-centeredness or selfishness. I know this may sound hard, but I would not be doing you justice if I didn't tell the truth.

Have you ever heard of a war that wasn't based on self-centeredness? There is always at least one nation centered on their own ambitions who goes to war against other nations to get what they want. No love...just self first.

Eliminate self-centeredness from your marriage and all contentions and fighting will disappear. How do you do that?

Simply put your spouse's desires before your own. Why should you do that? Because you love your spouse. Real love is caring enough about the other person to do what makes them happy. If both of you will just put self aside to put the other spouse first, your marriage, and your love, will light up!

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#2 Biggest Marriage Problems

The second biggest cause of marriage problems is neglect. Even with the most caring people, neglect can be a real problem.

You know how it is. Before you get married you and the one you love spend countless hours together or talking on the phone. You always made it a point to date and you were sure to make time for each other. But what happens after you get married, and especially after you have children. LOTS OF DISTRACTIONS!

A good marriage is like a beautiful flower...if you neglect it, it will wilt, get diseased, and die. Don't let this happen to your marriage!

A good marriage is based on spending time together. Spending quality time together and caring for one another creates good communication and a host of other marriage-enriching qualities. However, in this busy society, that takes planning.

So why not get out a tablet and pen, sit down together with your spouse, and start scheduling time when you will be alone together each day? Then get out your calendar, and pencil-in a day each week or so when you will go out on a date...just the two of you.

You will be amazed at the how your love for each other will increase just by doing this.

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So many couples out there are completely unaware that they already have the power to get their marriage back on track. You don't need months of couples therapy, you simply need to know a few things that will help you on your way to restoring your marriage and getting it back to where it was. The first thing you need to do is envision what your relationship was like before when things were at their best. When you do this exercise, you have a better clearer understanding of where you need to be going.

What elements of your marriage are now missing? Has your partner changed over the years? These are also valuable questions you can ask yourself. However, it's also important to communicate with your partner as well. If you don't know how he or she feels, then you will never truly be able to have a relationship worth saving. Communication is always the first step in maintaining any marriage and helping it to grow over time.

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Sit down with your partner and start to talk about how exactly you feel, try to be as descriptive as possible. Often we have problems explaining in words how we feel, so it's important to be very thoughtful when doing this. You don't want to say something the wrong way and possibly offend or hurt your partner. Another important thing to keep in mind is that every couple moves at a different pace, so don't feel like you aren't making progress just because your marriage isn't fixed over night.

This is something that will take time and effort on both sides, so be prepared to wait a little while and do some hard work, digging deep into yourself and have a lot of long talks before you see significant progress. If you truly care about the person you are with, there is always hope as long as you are willing to keep trying.

Marriage problems can be the hardest thing a person can ever experience.

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Answering the burning question on "How can I save my marriage?" is more complicated than you trying to save a marriage teetering on the brink of a divorce. You may try everything possible yet may still end up hitting a wall. It may sound familiar to many of you who are trying every means to save your marriage from divorce. Here, we are going to look into some tips that are the main culprit in throwing your marriage reconciliation attempt and process off the tracks.

Determine what you want from your marriage!

Unless you are clear and know on what exactly you are trying to "save" in your marriage, the answer to "How can I save my marriage?" will never be found. Saving your marriage involves saving the relationship you and your spouse have rather than the marriage certificate.

Take time to think over the type of marriage and relationship you want with your spouse. Get a clear vision of the ideal marriage you seek. Talk it out with your spouse. Let your spouse understand what you want. By doing this, you will be able to know exactly what may be the main cause of your marriage problems.

Do not blame each other!

Avoid blaming your spouse for anything. That is the first step towards repairing your troubled marriage. If you insist on trying to find out whose fault every time there is a problem, you and your spouse will never reach an agreement. A marriage is about two people. Marriage problems that come up, both you and your spouse are equally responsible. You need to address and accept what you might have or might not have done that lead to the problem.

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You must be honest about your behavior!

Be respectful, do not criticize and listen attentively are the common marriage advices. Even though we know those are what we should be doing, but is that really how we behave towards our spouse? Familiarity is the common culprit. Over years, the way we behave and talk to our spouse becomes a reflex. We pay less attention to our actions and behavior. Take time to think about this matter. If your actions and behavior are not polite enough to do it to someone you hardly know, then never do it to your spouse either.

Commit to improve the marriage!

For you to find the answer to your "How can I save my marriage?" question, both of you must learn to past the blame stage. Only then can you make the effort to move forward and treat each other better like spending more quality time together.

A lot more needs to be done if you are trying to save your marriage. However, the above tips can act as a stepping stone to get started. You must take action to improve your relationship with your spouse. Seek qualified advice. You can either find a good self-help book or talk to a marriage counselor. Your question on "How can I save my marriage?" will remain unanswered, unless you do something to save your marriage today.

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