Laser teeth whitening is the most talked about thing since recent times. After all who would not want to look and feel good with a flashing white smile? But most people often get perplexed about the effectiveness of laser teeth whitening London. You too might be wondering are they worth it? Or do they actually deliver what they promise? The answer to all these questions in plain words is yes. But the fat of the matter is that a sober yes still does not soothe your doubts or mellow down those fierce apprehensions. It is thus most appropriate to understand the process of laser teeth whitening and teeth whitening cost. After all you want a million dollar smile, but would not like spending that amount for it!
In the process of teeth whitening, we at allwhite3000 apply a relevant whitener or bleach to your tooth which is completely safe and then we make use of the laser light for a very small span of time. The light helps in activation of the paste and thus you get sparkling pearl like white teeth. By taking a note of this simple process I am sure you will be able to understand that it is indeed a no mess technique. But then it is also important to clearly gauge that not all dentists would be able to use the right set of gel or intensity of light. Thereby the results vary.
However for a reassurance, at allwhite3000, you get the same results every time you come for a laser teeth whitening session. The results however vary with individuals depending upon their internal structure of tooth and the cause of discoloration. Drinking too much aerated drinks, tea and coffee are some of the most common causes of yellowing of teeth. A person’s genetic structure also plays a vital role in determining the result that teeth whitening process would deliver.
We at allwhite3000 guarantee 6 times lighter teeth than the existing color. Moreover it might happen that you do not see the results immediately and think that the laser teeth whitening cost has gone down the drain. But don’t lose heart, teeth whitening would show effective results only after a couple of sessions. It is only for severely damaged teeth that we might suggest visits that would span over a month.
Overall you need to understand that laser teeth whitening is a process and not a onetime activity that would last for a lifetime. And maintaining them is also a long term effort. If you do not maintain them they would discolor once again. Thus the guaranteed result of teeth whitening will depend on a two way approach. First is that you choose a reliable dentist for such a treatment and secondly make sure that you maintain a proper hygiene and a diet that does not harm your teeth much. Visit us on a routine basis for touch ups and checkups. At allwhite3000 we assure you the best of results.

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