Once, there was a practice to use paper cards with a p0hoto affixed on it as an identity card. But those cards are not long lasting ones. Besides, the details of the persons were written with ink. This may fade when it comes in touch with water. Later Plastic cards are introduced. These cards are water proof. But the printing on it may get fade after continuous use. Once, after the arrival of plastic card embossing this problem also solved to some extent. But in some cases the plastic cards were seen as not safe. For people who are engaged in hard physical work, there is chance that the cards may break due to several reasons. To solve this problem metal card were introduced and the technology of metal plate embossing has been introduced in this area too.

Many industries, where a large number of workers are working are using plastic card embossing technology in making their employee identity cards. Here they have the freedom to make it with different colors to identify various departments or various levels. In paper card this facility was not there. Besides, the embossed letters will not fade away due to the extreme climatic conditions or by regular use. While considering some categories of employees it was necessary for them to exhibit the identity card always. Usually metal plates are using and the details will be displayed on it using the metal plate embossing technology. They will tie it to their upper hand and hence it will be visible always.

Apart from making identity cards, plastic card embossing technology is being used in various other fields too. Nowadays it is a common practice to use embossed invitation cards to invite guests for various occasions. These cards certainly will have an elegant look. It is the same reason why many companies are using thin plastic embossed business cards. This technology is used to print name on certain products too.

In areas where a high level security is needed, each and every people should be identified. In such areas the identity cards issued will be of metals and made using metal plate embossing technology. Thus this technology provides an answer to various questions related to the public security. That is why the plastic identity cards and the metal ones gained popularity and became a common thing. Presently almost all big companies prefer only metallic or plastic identity cards to their employees.

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