With laser tag toys you can have your own intense laser battles in the privacy of your own home or even outdoors with your friends. Most of the laser tag toys are designed for people eight years and up. These toys have come a long way since the 90’s have more movement and sounds to them than ever before. Your laser tag gun roars, rumbles and even has vibration recoils. The guns have the options to reload your weapon just like a real gun does.

You can have multiple players with the laser tag toy, simply start the game by pushing the button and the game begins, it’s that simple! Most of them come with a rumble pack to wear that vibrates letting you know that you have been hit. Every time you shot your laser at someone the gun recoils letting you know a shot has been taken. This is fun for all ages, think of the possibilities. Building forts inside your house or hiding in the bushes outdoors. These laser tag toy guns are fun for hours!

Even adults have been trying to join the laser tag toy fun forever. These guns are outfitted with tons of cool features, lights, vibrations, and sounds. These taggers and several features that enhance the playability of the game.

10 or 25 tags, you can set a switch to set your life at 10 or 25 tags. This can help balance some scenarios where differences in numbers or age and experience might make things unfair. They also have an indoor/outdoor model. This helps reduce the sensitivity of the lasers and receivers. It helps reduce the splash damage you get while playing indoors.

These laser tag toy packages even have realistic reloading. You drop a fake ‘clip’ out of the bottom of the grip, much like a real ammo clip from a real gun. The realistic recoil is also an amazing feature, there is a hammer at the end of the gun that lights up and also pops out a little with every shot!

The best laser tag guns are very durable and rugged. If you compare the cost of the laser tag toy system to a rental facility you will make your money back in a couple times of use. We have bought some laser tag toy guns over a year ago from this package and are still using them today. So don’t feel bad when you drop them or play rough with them!
There are very active online and offline communities for laser tag. They can help you with any technical difficulties or even set up a fun-filled match with new people. The community for laser tag even goes as far as helping you mod your laser tag toys to give them extra features and functions.

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