Laser hair transplant in Pakistan started in the early 20s. This method is used along with the combination of FUE and FUT. Hair fall is a universal issue, every second person is facing this problem and seeking the solution. Keeping in view doctors are working hard to cope and find the best treatment and for the betterment of previous treatments.
The method of laser hair transplant in Pakistan is the same as the method used in other countries. Basically, in the surgery, a laser is used to create holes at the recipient site or bald area. For this treatment, the strip of the skin is extracted from the donor site. Then the individual follicle or grafts of three to four are extracted from the skin with the help of a stereomicroscope. Before grafting, follicles are placed in saline solution. Then, with the help of laser small holes are created at the recipient site. The donor site is sutured with stitches and bandaged. Recovery time in this method is fourteen to twenty days. If we call it laser site creation instead of laser hair transplant, it would accurately portray its role in the procedure. Another method is used for laser hair transplant in Pakistan, which is closely related to follicular unit extraction. In this method, the individual hair follicle is excised from the donor site with the help of micro punch tools. The thickness of every follicle is around 1mm which gives the natural look. There is no need to place follicles into the saline solution. Then, instead of creating holes with the needles, holes are created with the help of a laser at the bald area, and hairs are inserted into these holes. Its recovery time is typically fifteen days.
The cost of a laser hair transplant in Pakistan is around 50000 rupees to 400000 rupees. This treatment is a little expensive as there are lots of advantages. It is associated with many advantages as it is less time consuming because, in other methods, holes are created with needles which consumes too much time. Using a laser makes it easy and less time-consuming. The other advantages include control of bleeding, less traumatic graft handling, and it diminishes the graft compression and gives quite a natural look. The advantages of this treatment weighed over the disadvantages like high expenses, safety hazards,s and a modest delay in hair growth. Whenever a laser is involved in any treatment, its cost automatically increases. In normal methods, it takes three to four months for regrowth of hairs, but, in this treatment, it can take five to six months for complete regrowth.
The success rate of laser hair transplant in Pakistan is about 60% to 90%. The success rate of every treatment depends on the clinic you choose and which doctor is treating. Whether he is well trained or not. For laser hair transplant, it is mandatory for patients to choose a professional and well-trained doctor because laser treatment needs extra care to handle. If it does not take care of properly it can damage the skin and eyes and the treatment can backfire. Selection of the best and well-reputed clinic is very important. In a good clinic, maybe you will have to pay high but, the best facilities and equipment will be available there and these things play an important role in the success of the treatment.
The use of the technique of laser hair transplant in Pakistan is high because hair transplantation along with laser can prove to be helpful for meeting the expected results. The laser also removes the dead skin cells that become a hurdle for the scalps to nourish and it promotes hair growth. Doctors are working on the improvement of laser treatment. Better results are expected in the coming decades. If you are thinking to get a hair transplant in Lahore then you can click and read more information about it

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