In the second half, many firms and business organizations began manufacturing every part of the process in advanced and modern way when more and more specifications started being introduced into the manufacturing sector.

The face of manufacturing industry changed with these new specifications. The advent of Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation or LASER has been held responsible for these advancements in manufacturing field since it is more commonly known and also has helped to make these processes faster, precise and simple.

Laser’s one of the important application, engraving has started playing a big role in manufacturing processes. Metal tool bits were used just a few years back, as etching and engraving tool, but now laser engraving tools are being used with the advancements in technology. Metal tool bits had many shortcomings and one of the shortcomings was that they proved to be very costly for the companies that involve manufacturing on large scale as they need to be replaced over and over again. Another shortcoming of metal tool bits was that the surfaces on which laser engraving was done developed cracks later on. This created a problem. They also eroded more quickly, if any kind of mistake was committed during the overall engraving process.

With the advent of laser engraving, all these shortcomings were removed as a new and upcoming technology since Laser technology proved to be the best possible way of engraving which could be used on any and every kind of material. Laser engraving started to be commonly used to etch upon metals, softwood, hardwood, plastics polymers and many other substances.

Lot of investment is needed in order to introduce such technique, and as a result cost factor becomes important in this matter although in the longer run, the cost proves to be cheaper since they needn’t be replaced in on a regular basis in comparison to metal tool bits. Very precise laser engraving can be done with the sophisticated technology now being used and this is its best advantage. Manufacturers use a particular type of laser table for their work.

On wide variety of materials such as leather, wood, etc, the laser engraving can be done. Since material can get spoiled in case of high power laser engraving, on such materials generally lasers with low intensity are used.

A laser beam is used to cut an image or pattern into a hard material, such as wood, glass or metal on a permanent basis through a process known as laser etching. In case of large products, programming regarding the depth, size and location of the pattern is done into a computer that controls the laser. The strength of the laser is based on the material used and the level of heat required.

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