Laser etching or engraving has a lot of applications which makes a lot of impact in our lives. With passing time, the technology has also evolved. One of the wonders of technology is Laser etching.

It can be very fruitfully used in a number of useful aspects. Laser etching is very popularly used marking of precision shafting and annealing process to prevent from wearing out. Metal name plates are also engraved using the laser etching technology which gives a permanent marking on the name plate and helps it in maintaining its intactness even in the harsh environment. The laser etching technique is also used to make precise engravings on small fuel jets and their orifices. The same technique is used in the marking of the switch for safe operations and to provide guidelines to the user. Laser etching is also used in the preparation of promotional items like key chains, pens, coasters, watches, metallic wristbands and luggage. The laser etching technology is equally famous for engraving on medical and dental equipments without surface ablation. Trademark, ISI mark and patent information on various articles are also engraved with the help of laser etching technology. The same is also used in marking the installation alignment of optical lens assembly. Laser beams are also used in the sterilization of critical instruments used for medical surgery etc.

There are a numerous benefits for using the laser engraving technology. The engraving that is done with the help of laser etching is permanent and stays with the article for the lifetime. There is no scope of fading out of the marks that had been incorporated with the help of laser etching. There is also Graphic flexibility which gives you the liberty of engraving any type of logo, bar code, 2D Data- Matrix bar code, trademark, alpha-numeric, icon, and symbol of various shapes and sizes. The laser etching process is highly repetitive. Based on the programmed control and its high accuracy of positioning, all the markings repeat from part to part. This process also does not need any contact with the material on which the laser etching is to be made. The process is fruitfully applied in substances of all shapes from flat to concave to convex and also cylindrical materials. The laser etching creates a mark of very high resolution. Very deep and complex marks can be produced with extreme clarity and high readability even in tiny substances of size less than 0.1 inches. The best part is that the entire process of laser etching is very environment friendly and does not cause any environment pollution. There are no harmful gases or chemical residues which are formed as a by-product of this process. Overall, the process is very fast and also cost-effective.

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