Laser engraving is one of the most important and very effective methods of marking objects. It is the process of using laser beam of light to permanently cut an image or pattern into objects such as glass, plastic, wood, metal, and other hard materials.

Image or pattern to be marked is typically programmed into a computer in order to controls the laser beam and mark object precisely and effectively in desired style. The intensity of laser beam depends on types of materials on which marking is to be done. This technique uses light completely and does not utilize ink. The process also does not involve tool bits and thus, avoids wear out during the process of engraving. Hence, it is very safe method of marking objects. Even marking can be done on very fragile glasses without any damage.

It is to be noted that laser engraving and laser etching can be done only on laser sensitive polymers and metal alloy. Let us know some of the popular materials on which marking can be done using laser lights. These materials can be natural – wood, fiber, specific type of latex rubber compound, paper, etc. It might sound interesting that it was wood, which was engraved first using laser light.

The popular method of marking object, laser etching can be used for marking acrylic plastic, Bakelite, lutron, etc. Urethane and silicone can also be marked with laser engraving and laser etching after after formulation with cellulose, stone or other stable insulator materials.

Coated metals, stone, glasses, etc can also be marked with the laser beam of light.

Thus, wide range of things can be marked with laser beam of light. Many materials are made of the aforesaid materials. Nowadays, jewelry and fine art objects are also made with laser lights. Designs can be perfectly printed on the objects with laser beam.

The process of marking objects with laser light is used in various industries. The technique is very popular in banks, production industry, schools, colleges, hospitals etc for different purposes. It is very popular method for marking on plastic cards. Information can easily be casted on smart cards with laser engraving technique.

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