An important application of Laser’s in the manufacturing industry is that of engraving, a few years back metal tool bits were used as etching and engraving tools, but their shortcoming was that for companies with large scales they used to prove to be very costly as they had to be replaced over and over again, also the surfaces where the actual engraving was done used to develop cracks and used to erode more quickly if any kind of mistake was committed during the overall engraving process.

But with the advent of laser engraving as a new technology all these shortcomings were removed as Lasers proved to be a perfect way of engraving on any and every kind of material. They can be used to etch upon metals, softwood, hardwood, plastics polymers and many other substances.

The main advantages of Laser engraving are:

• They help to perform the engraving function with more precision as they can be targeted specifically at the areas where the engraving needs to be done.

• They help to solve various managerial concerns for the products like branding, product specification, product identification etc.

• They help in keeping a track of products as they can be used to engrave barcodes , batch numbers and other product features.

• They can be used on natural as well as synthetic material and can also be used to remove paint coatings, make very intricate patterns designs etc on the products surface area.

• Not only this they have found applications in various unconventional industries like jewelry , fine arts where products can be etched or engraved upon using lasers, since these products are usually very delicate in nature and can get spoilt very easily they weren’t engraved upon by their makers but now they can be easily etched upon as the laser hardly does any damage which is identifiable by the naked eye.

• Also, metal tool bits which were used in traditional engraving techniques used to lessen the overall durability of the product but with lasers no such harm comes to them.

One added advantage is that laser can prove to be a very cost effective engraving solution for companies as they needn’t be replaced again and again, they also can perform larger amounts of work in way lesser times as compare to the contact engraving methods.

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