One of the biggest concerns among laptop users is finding the right support when they have a problem with their machines. If it is new and within the warranty period, the manufacturer usually takes care of things but if you have an older machine or have bought an assembled one or a used machine, then finding the right kind of help may be more difficult.

There are a few pointers that you must keep in mind while looking for a good laptop repair service.

The best time to find the right help is when you don't really need it. This is a universal truth with any kind of service. In a crisis situation we are always under stress and end up settling for immediate solutions which may be expensive or dishonest.

Reputation matters very much in this business, since there are no real fixed business norms as far as rates, services and spare-parts are concerned. It is always better to go by the word of a trusted friend, co-worker or family member. Often you may find that the most efficient and cost-savings strategy is to approach a local person rather than rely on big brands or names. However the risks here are greater.

There are no real educational standards for repair technicians. Some may have degrees, diplomas or short-course certificates. Others may be self-taught. Whatever the case, you need to assure yourself that the person is capable of handling your valuable equipment. It is always better to go with an experienced person in the field rather than a complete newbie.

You must get complete clarity on initial assessment-rates, hourly rates, payment schedules, value-adds, concierge services, spare-parts rates etc before you commit to any repairs. These vary from service to service and even across towns or locations in the same city. Some firms offer a no-commitment diagnostic service but could charge you heavily for services if you avail of them.

Another issue is time. For most users, time means money and a repair service should be able to provide good estimates of turnaround time. Others may offer a stand-by machine till they fix your problem.

Data protection and confidentiality is a major concern when you surrender your laptop to a repair service. They must guarantee safety of your data, personal information and identity markers, do the required back-ups and ensure that personal information stored on your laptop is not misused or tampered with.

Honesty is one quality that you need in your laptop repair service. Inflated hours, rates for spares, misrepresentation of problems, unnecessary delays etc are methods by which dishonest technicians rip off unsuspecting customers.

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