The field of laptop repair has grown tremendously. Ranging from high-end branded services to small one-person outfits, there are a host of facilities to suit every need and budget. Larger corporations prefer to use a big-name set-up but individuals may prefer to work with a smaller facility which gives them customised solutions and comfort level.

Most laptop repair facilities offer a suite of services, maintenance/service contracts, upgrades, 24x7 emergency services, etc. to choose from.

Onsite and offsite services are a common feature in laptop repairs. In onsite service, the service-provider has a toll-free number to call at any time of day or night and register your complaint. Call-back time varies, but a qualified technician returns your call, notes the problem and fix a convenient time to make a visit, resolves problems at your own location if possible or else transports the laptop to their facility and returns it as soon as possible. Offsite services can be availed of by transporting your laptop to the repair site and leaving it there till it gets fixed. Some companies offer concierge services for drop-off/pick-up. Depending on your preference and the nature of the problem, you can avail of either one of these.

Some repair service providers offer a standby laptop to tide you over if the repair work takes time. This feature is useful in case of corporate users and people whose work depends on having a laptop.

Quick-time clean-up services are offered by many repair facilities. This service can be regularly availed of whenever your laptop slows down or programs take too long to come up. House-keeping services may include getting rid of unwanted/unusable programs, clearing the cache, re-installing the operating system and drivers, checking for upgrade-requirements in case you regularly use graphics, gaming, design software, music dowloads etc.

Structural damage is very common in laptops, since they are often subjected to very rough handling. Additionally, if handled by multiple users, children and are taken to different locations constantly, there could be enormous wear-and-tear. Laptop repair services offer customised solutions to hinge damage, screen cracks or scratches, case damage/dents, missing or broken keys. If possible, only the damaged part is taken out, otherwise, the entire part may have to be replaced.

Cabling, power-jack, peripherals, switches etc are other parts which are subject to great damage. In the long-run, faulty power interfaces can cause bigger losses. Repair services can replace these with the correct ones.

Larger issues like mother-board or hard-disk replacement are also conducted by the laptop repair service provider.

Depending on your problem, you can choose the right laptop repair service to suit your needs.

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