Ever since the first flip-top laptops made their entrance in the 1980s, they've steadily gained popularity, becoming more lightweight, slimmer, cheaper and integrating more applications and features. Today, laptops have morphed into note-books, tablets, smart-phones etc, but their basic popularity still remains.

However, factors that make laptops so easy to use and convenient to transport are also the reasons why they are more fragile than the sturdier desk-top PC. Studies have shown that laptops are much more fragile than desktops and more likely to suffer damage in the very first year of their use.

Common Issues that Laptop Users Face:

Because they're moved around so much, there are greater chances of damage to cabling, flip-screen hinges, power-jacks etc. Screen breakages are also very common. Damage to power-input sockets is one of the most common problems due to repeated charging in different locations. Portability makes the laptop subject to a great deal of abuse, rough use and breakage. Often the screen is damaged or broken by constantly being dropped or due to impact.

Laptop batteries usually have a shorter life-span. Also, charging in different locations can make the machine vulnerable to power surges and fluctuations. The cost of replacement-batteries is quite high and many users prefer to junk their systems and buy a new one rather than replace a battery.

The keyboard design and configuration attract a lot of dust which is difficult to clean. Since the laptop can be transported everywhere, people tend to use them even when food, drinks, oil, petroleum products, cleaning products etc are being used, leading to damage from spilled matter. Spillages on laptop keyboards can be almost fatal, since they damage the inner parts instantly. Accumulation of dust can lead to over-heating, causing the laptop to repeatedly re-boot.

The compact size and portability makes them vulnerable to theft and even simple misplacement by forgetful owners. This can lead to huge personal and business losses.

Health issues faced by laptop owners can include impact injury to wrists and fingers due to the smaller size of the keyboards. Notebook users especially face the issue of eye-strain and neck injury. Certain studies have also linked male infertility to continuous use of laptops.

Since laptops are commonly used while travelling, access to good tech support in case of problems is a big issue that most users face especially when they are going to be based in remote locations.

If you have other drives like a CD-rom or DVD-rom, these could get damaged, leading to boot-up problems on the laptop.

Depending on the problem, you can get the right kind of help to resolve the issue to repair your laptop.

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