So many things have changed since independence; post-independence, the country hadn’t much to show off. Healthcare was in its worst stage that time; every year, millions would die due to lack of healthcare facilities. Thank God, things have changed dramatically in all these years; now we have the best of hospitals and the most-skilled doctors in India. In fact, patients from foreign countries flock to India every year. Laparoscopic Surgery is the latest we have for the world. Instead of making a big cut on the body to access gain to the affected organ, surgeons now make a few, small incisions on the body, and perform the surgery more effectively. Recovery period is less in this type of surgery; patients even feel lesser pain.

Laparoscopy surgery refers to a surgical procedure that involves making a few small incisions in the abdomen, through which the surgeons insert a laparoscope and other specialized surgical instruments. It is to be noted that a laparoscope is a thin, fiber-optic tube, fitted with a light and camera. With laparoscopy, surgeons can see the body organs on to a large monitor and sometimes make repairs; so, there remains no need to make a larger incision that can require a longer recovery time and hospital stay.

Laparoscopy surgery can be used in the treatment of obesity. Indian hospitals already use the best of weight loss surgeries, such as lap band surgery, gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery. All these surgeries can be done laparoscopically. So, in case your doctor is not able to help you get rid of those pounds with his treatment, you should better consider a weight loss surgery as a treatment of obesity. Just make sure you choose a hospital which has the necessary infrastructure to carry out such surgeries.

Though there are many hospitals around, you got to make sure that you choose the best possible for your treatment. Since a weight loss surgery, just like any other surgery, carries some elements of risk, it’s better if you sit with your surgeon for a thoughtful session, and ask all the questions regarding the surgery. Make sure you prepare yourself for the surgery. It is also advised not to expect overnight miracles after the surgery; in fact, it may take up to one year before you can see the complete results. So, bear with what your doctors tell you to do, and inform them in case you feel any unusual pain in your body.

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