The concept of ancient tree Pu-erh is broadly referred to as wild or artificially planted Yunnan big leaf tree tea. The roots of ancient tea trees are deep and do not require artificial watering and fertilization. The required water and nutrients are absorbed by the roots of the trees. Therefore, the minerals contained in the tea itself are relatively high, more foam-resistant, more aromatic, mellow, and sweet water is an environmentally friendly tea.
Since ancient times, Lao Banzhang villagers have used traditional ancient methods to artificially maintain ancient tea trees, followed the folk customs to manually pick fresh leaves. Inorganic substances are pure natural, non-polluting, original ecological tea producing areas. The old Banzhang Pu-erh tea has strong tea flavor, thick and mellow flavor, and is domineering. It has always been regarded as the supreme beauty of "King", "Tea King", "Banzhang King" in Pu-erh Tea.

The status of Lao Banzhang tea in Yunnan Pu-erh tea is like Dahongpao in Fujian oolong tea. Lao Banzhang pays attention to the so-called tea gas. Lao Banzhang tea gas of pure descent is the tea with the most sufficient tea gas in Pu-erh tea. It is characterized by the bitterness and astringency of the tea and the lasting effect of sweetness. The leaf bottom is soft, well-proportioned and slightly honeyed. The aroma is pure and strong, stable and strong, with the functions of reducing phlegm, moisturizing the throat and regenerating the cheeks.

The villagers of Lao Banzhang may be the laziest among the Chinese farmers. According to common sense, they should plant more tea at a higher price. After all, this is related to economic interests. But they didn't care, they cared about drinking, and slept after drinking. I sold tea money today and spent a week. Basically it is very satisfying, but they are also happy. For this reason, most of the tea we drink today is ancient tree tea, not small tree tea.

Lao Banzhang walked all the way, the local villagers were very conscious, they were satisfied, they did not let the tea from outside, they did not compromise with businessmen, and so on. The output of 50 tons per year and the income of tens of millions per year are enough. All we have to do is maintain an ordinary heart and stick to the bottom line of their nation. If it is also a kind of faith not to fake, then we should really respect them.

Features: The tea is overbearing, the bitter taste is melted in the mouth, the mouth is long-lasting sweet and the aroma is high, the curl is endless, as soon as the tea soup is imported, the strong aroma runs through. As strong as the aroma is the bitterness, domineering and strong masculine. But this kind of bitterness is mostly concentrated on the tongue and face. After instantaneous opening, the two cheeks are rejuvenated, the waterway is smooth, the back is sweet, and the throat rhythm shows personality everywhere.

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