Plants, trees and flowers often provide a perfect aesthetic to private homes, communities, developments, farms or small parks. The plant life is ideal to accompany the day to day or significantly improve a house or block of flats.

However, in the same way that it is perfect to create an idyllic environment, it is necessary to get proper maintenance of the garden so that it does not turn against ourselves. A landscaping service must be able to guarantee the appearance and health of trees, plants, and flowers.

In this article, we are going to analyze all the aspects and characteristics that a good landscaping service should have and that is usually integrated into the community cleaning services.

However, in landscaping, we offer the professional gardening services you need for your home. Creating and caring for outdoor spaces is our specialty, for which we work with the most advanced techniques in decorating gardens and outdoor terraces. For this, just follow commercial landscape Calgary Alberta.

Gardening and landscaping: how to plan a garden

If we want to start a garden from scratch in our house or urbanization it is important to take into account a series of aspects so as not to make mistakes and get them to grow and maintain correctly.

The space: the size of the garden will always affect the necessary care. A garden that is small will have less maintenance and more time can be devoted to small details in which a large one is not usually controlled -or much more money is needed-.

Planning: Before starting to build it, an interesting gardening service is one that helps you plan what you want to achieve in your small area of land. It is very useful to have the help of an expert to offer you a basic description of the space.

An evaluation of the conditions: In the same way as the planning, it is interesting that before starting to build a garden a garden service is hired to help you assess the type of soil that counts, the weather conditions, sun exposure, the characteristics of the environment and the type of plants, trees and flowers that can be well received in your garden.

Gardening and landscaping: Types of gardens

To get a perfect and complete garden service in Madrid, it is necessary to take into account the type of garden. These are the most common:

Sustainable gardens: those that respect the environment while conserving the species according to the climate and the organization of the plants adapts to the layout.

Upland gardens: Trees such as cypress, stone pine, elm, cedar or palm trees are suitable in Mediterranean climates that allow their growth and care without major problems.

Aquatic gardens: a type of garden that is very original and aesthetically pleasing enough for homes with a sufficient size. It is a garden inside a small pond. The plants that stand out are the water lilies. You need a good gardening service.

Tropical gardens: lush vegetation and exotic flowers. It is a very beautiful garden but it requires temperatures above 30 degrees. It is very complicated to have it inside a house or urbanization.

Vertical gardens: one of the gardens that most people like and that attracts the most attention in the semi-detached houses that have their own patio or terrace. They create an environment and get intimacy at home. It is perfect for interiors and they are not difficult to maintain, even if a gardening service is required.

Oriental Gardens: they are one of the types of garden that most attracts attention today and that has increased its popularity exponentially. The Feng Shui garden is based on the mixture of floral plants, water and circular shapes. Meanwhile, the Japanese garden stands out for its bamboo, gravel and bonsai. They usually require a more special gardening service since they are not as popular as the rest.

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