Landline texting lets you use your landline or toll free number for 2-way texting along with calling. You don’t need to make any changes in the landline hardware or service provider. This is modern day communication preferred by many. Almost all industry verticals are taking benefit from this advanced SMS solution and healthcare industry is not behind. Almost all divisions of the healthcare industry are getting benefited with this Text to landline solution. The recovery centers are one of those divisions of the healthcare industry that empowered communication by using landline texting for recovery centers.

Let’s explore the top 5 benefits of text to landline solution for recovery centers:

1. Take off hesitation by introducing anonymity and texting

The people having some addiction, facing some kind of abuse or struggling with depression may hesitate to meet doctor’s in-person and share about their mental state. The landline texting can introduce anonymity in communication. The patient may hesitate to call or meeting in person, but chatting via SMS could be something they would use. Also, the landline texting can add anonymity in communication so patients don’t feel embarrassed.

2. No need to run campaigns to introduce texting

If you want to use normal SMS solutions in the recovery center, you need to run a marketing campaign to introduce the mobile number on which patients can send SMS. However, with landline texting this is not required. The text to landline service provider will text enable the landline and / or hotline number of the recovery center for messaging. This will eliminate the need of introducing another number for texting. The patients can easily find the helpline number of the recovery center and text to it to get the required support and first level counseling.

3. Build confidence and give real time support

The recovery centers can use the texting to landline to build confidence in people to get out of the miserable situation with texting. They can provide counseling to patients to build confidence. They can also send them regular messages to build morale. The people fighting back their depression or addiction may need counseling in real time. The texting can be really effective in this kind of situation.

4. Reduce expenses

Texting can be performed with more than one person at a time. Also, the text to landline solution comes with features such a group texting and bulk texting. This will save a lot of time of resources which will save money investment on the staff. Furthermore, the texting to landline solution comes with a monthly subscription. Thus, you don’t need to invest more than the predefined fee. Texting will reduce calls significantly that will further save a lot.

5. Communication Availability 24*7

The text to landline solution comes with a web based application which can be accessed remotely, at any time. It means the staff doesn’t need to stay besides landline to attend messages. They can respond from anywhere, at anytime. Furthermore, the auto reply and off working hours automated responses would automatically send answers to common questions and provide acknowledgment or a quick tip to the received message. This will assure the communication is available 24*7.

End Note:
The text to landline for recovery center will remove all barriers and provide strengthen and convenient communication. Furthermore, it will benefit patients to get counseling and morale boosting via texting. Also, it will benefit recovery centers in many ways.

Author's Bio: 

Daved is working on promotional campaign of landline texting. He has written this article to generate awareness about text to landline for recovery centers.