Software industry faced a long recession and has even bounced back with a plunge. Open source technologies contributed to company’s profit and advancement. In a highly competitive business world, where improving bottom lines is the focus of attention, the use of open source web development tools, such as LAMP developers, and methodologies has made things easier for both developers and businesses alike. Growth in other technologies such as VMware and Cloud has also led to technological advancement across the globe. Social development sites have shown their impact on business. And today every business owner, small or large, acquires a business space on Internet, which indicates fast flourishing IT sector. Let’s take a brief look at Software economy, worldwide.

Software market preview

According to the recent reports from IT research and advisory firm Garner Inc., the worldwide software development or web application development market has healed from the recession and bounced back with 8.5 percent growth annually, by the end of 2010, to the worldwide market size of USD 245 billion. Reports also showed that countries such as Japan and Western Europe will achieve relatively moderate growth; however, Asia-pacific and Latin-American countries realized the growth up to 10 percent. Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle achieved the respective positions.

What keeps industry running?

Open source technology is the major reason for the survival and, in fact, progress of software development industry. Open source technology existed since long back. This means handing over the source code and the right to use the program source code for free under the license. This program can then be further developed and distributed for free without striving to maximize the sales profit by all means.

The most popular and the most commonly used version of license for distribution of open source technologies is GNU GPL. This license allows the distribution of most free software worldwide. One of the prominent software, Linux, has also been distributed under GNU license.

Open source provides great flexibility, important in combining different IT solutions, and contribute to permanence and availability of information. From business point of view, Open source help software development companies to develop projects with minimal investments using free technology. On the other side, any person can join in to develop program distributed under GNU. These people concentrate on making the software better and build communities for support. Huge communities make sure of the quality of the developed application. This increases competition and hence open-source builds concrete and latest programs applicable in real-time, that too, without any cost.

LAMP Development
LAMP is one of the widely used open source technology that can help develop rich web applications of nearly any complications. It stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Python/Perl. Although each of the above technology is separate, together they work best and offer powerful integrated open source application development services, which include an operating system, web server, database server and a scripting language.

Advantages of hiring a LAMP developer:
• Experts in developing user-friendly software applications
• The flexibility of LAMP programmers leverage adaptability to ensure better results
• Rapid development of web applications
• Incremental development
• Ensures convenient modification, updating, and customizing of web applications according to client requirement.

Linux operating system or rather LAMP not only thrives in their respective fields but also challenge their closed source competitors, forcing them to innovate and improve their programs.

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