Clearly, Lady Gaga has No Plans to date Bradley Cooper. This can be a sad news for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper shippers. The couple split from each other and are single now. Fans were hoping to see both of them again in the near future but in some sources disclosed that the singer had confirmed that she has no plans to date her “A Star is Born” director after his recent breakup with Irina Shayk.

There was a time when Shayk and Bradley decided to end their love relationship, all the fingers of fans and sources went towards his close relationship with Lady Gaga when both the celebrities showed intensive chemistry both on and off the screen.

In a recent statement given to Us Weekly, she claimed that she felt very heart breaking after hearing the news of Cooper and Shayk breaking up. And the insider sources confirmed that Lady Gaga Has No Plans To Date Bradley Cooper. In the year 2015, Cooper and Shayk started dating and were blessed with the 2-year-old daughter together. However, things didn't go well with their relationship and hence, decided to co-parent their daughter.

There were some sources that claimed that the major reason of their breakup was Cooper’s busy schedule when he was directing “A Star Is Born,” which was his directorial debut. For her amazing performance in the film, Gaga won her first Oscar. Meanwhile, some said that the couples ended alone due to the rumors Cooper and Gaga majorly affected their relationship. However, rumors were spread about her chemistry with the director and some said that they are possibilities of the two being romantically involved.

An insider source revealed US Weekly that the movie had a major impact on the Bradley and Irina’s relationship which led them towards breakup. Although, there was nothing between them and they were all rumors but it surely affected Irina from inside and hence their relationship. However, their friends and fans were totally opposed the reactions to the breakup.

However, Shayk never believed the rumor and confirmed his belief about the rumor affair of Cooper and Gaga. yet, it was very difficult for the Shayk to deal with the “noise” about the relationship between the singer and the director.

Lady Gaga confirmed months back about her breakup with the partner. She even shared the picture of the tattoo on her back that had a connection to “A Star is Born” on Valentine's Day. this led to people believing that both the celebrity were cooking something romantic with each other.

According to a source told ET Online, Cooper and Gaga still have a “deep friendship,” and they both really hope to work together again in near future. It also cleared that both Cooper and Shayk are currently very busy and determined to focus on their respective careers. Both the celebrities are not prioritising dating at the moment. Meanwhile, they both want to make sure that their daughter is happy and well cared for along with their careers.

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