It is no secret in the fitness industry that group exercise programs are a hot trend. Although the term "group exercise" however, is a fairly new buzzword; the concept has been around for many years under other names (dance aerobics, step bench classes, etc.). In efforts to attract more men into these programs, other programs such as kickboxing, group cycling, group weightlifting have evolved. Let's face it; it's more fun to work out with your friends, especially if they are in the same shape as yourself. Group programs also provide the motivation and supervision of an instructor which is important for safety as well as inspiration.

The problem with most group programs is that they are designed for the already fit individual and tend to scare away the deconditioned, seniors, the overweight, etc. Even some of the most basic beginner aerobic classes are difficult for uncoordinated people. Can you imagine what an oveweight 50 year old woman thinks when she sees the tight leotards and hardbodies in the aerobic room? Without question, intimidation is the #1 factor that keeps the deconditioned person from joining a fitness facility (studies show that less than 20% of the US population are members of health clubs).

The PACE (Programmed Aerobic/Anaerobic Circuit Exercise) Group Exercise Program was designed for "real people". PACE is a non-intimidating group program which uses unique hydraulic resistance machines which "accommodate" to the effort of the individual user. In this way, anyone at any fitness level can get a workout that matches their fitness level- and get results quickly! It is very common to see grandmothers working out in the same class as their granddaughters!

PACE was manufactured by Henley Healthcare (NASDAQ Stock Exchange) in Sugar Land, TX. basically for the rehabilitation aspects of the equipment (hydraulic resistance has no "negative" resistance which causes muscle soreness the next day), but because of it's nonthreathening and accommodating nature, it soon became one of the most popular group programs in the country!

Health clubs use PACE as senior fitness programs, weight-management programs, beginners programs, etc. And because PACE combines both strength and cardiovascular workouts in a half hour class, it is very time efficient for the busy executive. PACE has also helped to create another of one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry- Women-Only Health Clubs.

Before PACE, most "women-only" clubs either had the same equipment found in co-ed clubs or rip-off gimmicks like magic creams which would "melt away cellulite". One such woman who was so impressed with PACE, that she opened several of her own Women's Clubs called It Figures! Fitness for Women, said "I have been in the fitness and weight loss industries for many years. I have never seen a program that appeals to women as PACE does. PACE drastically decreases body fat while increasing muscle tone, thereby increasing one's metabolism- something that is lacking in all diet-only programs". Women-only health clubs are one of the fastest growing segments of the fitness industry with about 500 new clubs opening every year, many in smaller rural communities which are not able to support full service health clubs.

Rande LaDue, owner of Pro*Fit Enterprises, the national distributor of PACE offers anyone who may be interested in opening their own women's club or weight-management facility to visit his web site at or to call toll free at 888-604-2244 for a free video on PACE. He stresses that although PACE is NOT a franchise, every PACE Program includes a complete marketing package and training program.

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