We often suggest our customers for periodic ‘Labour Compliance Audit to ascertain all hidden/probable compliance risk so as to minimize compliance risk and to take corrective actions.

Spectra ‘ Labour Compliance Audit Services aims to simplify the ‘Labour regulations under the Government of India initiative “Ease of Doing Business” to facilitate the entrepreneurs including start-ups with a view to educate and bring them under compliance framework to curtail the unnecessary departmental inspection.

Spectra’s Due Diligence (Third Party Certification) ‘Labour Law Audit services benefit our customers in many ways.

The purpose of labour due diligence is to conduct a comprehensive health check-up from the labour law perspective in order to identify any non-compliances related to the inappropriate application of labour law regulations and to allow our clients to correct these errors and potential deficiencies thereby preparing efficiency for a departmental labour audit.

We follow a systematic approach for ‘Labour Compliance Audit”, which are as follows;

Identification of Industry-wise applicability of labour laws
Making available / Provide detailed Act wise checklist of applicable labour laws
Detailed Scrutiny of Statutory Return, Payment Challan and statutory register and records
Validity of Registrations, Licenses, and approvals
Employee Welfare Scheme & Health and Safety Provisions
Employers Liability & Financial & Punitive Risk Assessment

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Yogesh Pant, CEO of Spectra Outsourcing Services.

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