Meaningful innovation is what transforms an entrepreneur into a successful business leader. Connecting dots, building bridges to fill the gaps, and bringing a different approach is what drives innovation. All of these distinct traits can be easily pointed out in Kristen Miller’s leadership approach. 

The Bellow are the highlights of the Interview with Insights Success a Business Magazine.

Kristen is a seasoned entrepreneur who has founded four successful companies in the Home Improvement and Retail industry and is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Stylyze.

At Stylyze, Kristen’s mission is to provide a platform for retailers that revolutionize the omnichannel shopping experience. Stylyze’s platform synthesizes the elements of the in-store experience previously missing from the virtual and digital space, refining and advancing the online customer journey of the future. Leveraging cloud technology, Stylyze is partnering with some of the largest retailers in the US to transform their customer experiences.

Kristen is an inspirational leader and advisor for the Women in Cloud community, and she also presides as a board member for The Beyond Project. She is an in-demand speaker on retail innovation and entrepreneurship for Techstars Startup Week Seattle.

Women Entrepreneurs in Next Five Years

Kristen believes that organizations such as Women in Cloud are helping to not only educate Fortune 1000 companies about the benefits of creating economic access for women, they are also creating the ecosystem of women entrepreneurs and Fortune 1000 executives to facilitate trusted introductions.

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