The Kraft paper bags not only stand out for their simple elegance but because they are very resistant to having a side reinforcement that facilitates filling the bag with products from the store. Kraft paper bags are ideal for surprising customers with a comfortable, natural and durable design.

Also, in Myshopper you can have your own kraft paper bags for the store to include an advertising slogan and make a difference compared to the competition. Kraft shopper personalizzate are cheap, environmentally friendly and respectful of the planet. Be preferred by customers and we have all kinds of models.


We have a large number of Kraft paper bags in our online store, of different and varied models for demanding customers who want the best quality and the best design for your business. At Myshopper you'll find shoppers in:

- Curly handle in Kraft paper bags. Different sizes and shades.

- Paper bag with flat handle, different colors and sizes.

- Paper bag with brown, white or natural twisted handle.

- Kraft paper bag with cotton handle.

- Paper bag with rhetorical handle Ryad.

- Bag with cotton handle with window , very elegant, perfect for small products of perfumeries, jewelers, gourmet shops, etc..

- Kraft handbags without handles, very suitable as food bags for restaurants and takeaways.

We have a wide range of bags in various colors, from the simplest such as white, black, raw or gray, to colorful and cheerful kraft paper bags such as orange, turquoise or purple. Our goal is to adapt to the needs and audiences of all businesses.


Kraft bags are valid for all types of shops, such as fashion boutiques, accessories, accessories, footwear, jewelry, gourmet stores, perfumeries, bookstores, toy stores, etc.

You should consider the kind of resistance you need, if you sell lighter items, thinner and cheaper bags are perfect, but thick ones are increasingly useful because of their internal reinforcement.

Our paper bags are quite cheap and of high quality, as well as being able to customize them according to your tastes and with your business logo to generate loyalty and brand image.

If you prefer, we can advise and advise you on the customization of your custom bags, we are experts in customer orientation. Depending on the type of product you are selling, you will need to choose the most suitable size.

We also sell transparent labels for closing bags to personalise them to your liking.

At Retif we have a bag for every type of store, we are specialists in Kraft paper bags. Enter our online shop, we have great offers on Kraft paper bags. Fill out our simple form indicating what type of bag, color, logo and quantity you need and we will immediately send you a free quote shopper tnt personalizzate.

At Myshopper, we offer packaging solutions to suit your business. Packaging offers a fundamental job to brands when they want to offer a quality shopping experience to their customers. They transport their items reliably and are a great way to convey both the values and message of a store.

We provide you with a sample of over 3,000 products to make life easier for your consumers, with wrappings such as: paper, fabric, cotton bags, packaging for the hospitality industry, storage, covers, envelopes and even cheaper genre in the form of offers.

At Bolsalea we love paper and therefore offer a wide range of bags made from this biodegradable, recyclable and reusable material. Both are very versatile packaging for shops and, later, for customers.

They are also very different, so they reflect all kinds of different business identities. Buyers incorporate them into their daily lives on many occasions, as in the rest of our packaging.

Kraft paper bags are not only durable and commonly used for all eventualities, they also convey respect for the environment in their havana and green tones.

Gifts for events can be found in satin and metal envelopes, two envelopes that are successful among participants. The luxury packaging is so attractive that your customers will be happy to show it and attract the eyes of everyone who meets them.

Hospitality bags allow food to be transported safely, either as a single unit of product, as they do for bread, or in bulk when our American bags get handleless.

We also offer packaging solutions on fabric because we want to adapt to all the needs of companies. The fabric is not you.

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