Generally it can happen that there is a bad incident in a Jew family whom you know and you cannot visit personally to show sympathy. In such circumstances, you can gift kosher condolence baskets. It is always best to pay a visit to the family personally; however when there is no other option for you, you can prefer to gift these gift packs which too make a perfect choice because it is helpful for the mourners and visitors simultaneously.

For sending kosher condolence baskets, you can utilize varied types of receptacles, which too form a significant role in the gift. You are at liberty to embellish the receptacles using varied things with your imagination. Keep in mind not to beautify a condolence basket making use of flowers. Given below are some ideas about different sorts of containers and their decoration.

Jars – You can purchase gift packs in form of jars. Jars are beautiful to send containing different substances in them, since they are re-usable. After the foods are eaten up the jars can be utilized for other things. You can use jars made up of glass or plastic. A number of sizes also are available amongst them. In case you are presenting it on behalf of your firm, you can engrave the logo of your office on the top of the jar. You can also purchase many types of covering as well like a pleasing ribbon tied around the lid or the middle portion of the jar.

Baskets – Baskets look lovely anytime. They are preferable to give away on any incidence. They come in many sizes, colors and shapes. You can adorn them with beautiful motifs, ribbons or gift papers. When you fill them with the food items, you can slip in your business card or a sentimental condolence chit. You can make these baskets yourself or there are literally limitless options sold in the market.

Bags – A leather or cane bag also can be an ideal container to prepare your sympathy basket. This holder also can be used again. After the goodies in it are consumed the recipient can utilize it in form of a shopping bag or for any other job. You can beautify this kind of Shiva basket using a spectacular flower formed of ribbon stuck on one side using pin. Together with it you can put in your card or a soothing condolence chit.

Fruit Trays & Fruit Bowls – A fruit bowl or a fruit tray is a perfect Shiva basket which is re-usable. You can send it filled with fresh seasonal fruits prettily arranged to serve the mourners and their visitors. It will form a decorative piece on the dining table or tea-table. A fruit tray made of cane having a big handle can be held comfortably. The fruit tray also can be brought into use again and you can beautify it with large green leaves which will undoubtedly please the mourner’s vision. It can be carried with ease because of its handle.

Breakfast Trays – This also forms a beautiful kosher condolence basket and can be reused. It can contain all the exquisite kosher food items for a delightful and luxurious breakfast such as vegetable salad, chocolate cookies, coffee, cheese cakes, muffins and juices. Plus you can place fine linen tissues tied with the help of lovely ribbons around them. Both the napkins and the tray are re-usable.

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Hence using your creativity you can gift Kosher condolence baskets in a number of pleasant-looking sorts which will soothe the recipient.