Fashion all over the world originates from the culture and traditions of a particular place. They also depend on the geography, weather and materials that are available in and around a place. Some fashion trends become so popular that it becomes a rage around the world. With better connectivity in the world, the showcasing and popularization of various fashionable trends have become even easier.

What is unique about Korean fashion?

Out of various fashion trends and statements, Korean fashion has been able to grab eyeballs all over the world. It is known for its unique style which is self-complimenting, expressive and eclectic. The use of fabrics such as hemp, ramie, cotton and silk make very attractive clothing which also provided them comfort during hot summers and harsh winters.

What are the latest Korean fashion trends that you must know about?

Here, we have listed out a set of the latest Korean fashion trends for you to follow to stay in style.

1.Neon colors
Neon colors are dominating the fashion space. Be it tops, t-shirts or shoes, bright neon colors have become very popular, especially among the youth. Neon oranges, greens and pinks have a way of attracting attention like no other. If you think that you might run the risk of coming out as too loud, you can pair up your neon t-shirt with a plain or matte trouser or vice versa. You could also sport the new neon fashion trend by accessorizing yourself with a neon bag on an otherwise plain outfit for a stylish look.

2.Romantic Ruffles
Ruffles involve a lot of frill in any outfit. It adds texture and volume to your dress effortlessly making you look very prim and proper. The ruffled-up look also creates a ‘dressy’ look without any effort. The ruffles could be on the collars of a top or as a pattern on the sleeve. It could also be a pattern on an otherwise plain skirt. The romantic ruffle look is being carried off beautifully by mane K-Drama actresses from whom you can derive inspiration.

3.Monotone colors
Monotones create a very sophisticated and subtle look. It is a representation of minimalist fashion. Choose among your favorite shade according to your personality and mood to carry off the monotone outfit in style. However, it has been observed that Korean fashion is not minimalist in general. So, to dash up your look, you can always add a pop-up color hair extension or a statement accessory.

4.Statement Blazers
The easiest way to jazz up your outfit is to throw on a statement blazer that makes you look completely in style. You could use the blazer to color block your outfit or even wear a matching one. As long as you wear a blazer that stands out or accentuates your look, you are good to go. In Korea, this way of styling up an outfit is gaining traction every day. An oversized blazer or a heavily printed blazer is also in vogue to create the high fashion look.

This look is gaining steam, particularly amongst the youth. With many Korean fashion brands investing in this style, customers are also getting a variety of different options to choose from. The look that athleisure clothing brings in is chic and at the same time, comfortable.
You can use these outfits to create a casual as well as a high street fashion look too. Athleisure clothing lets you bring out the sport and fitness enthusiast in you when you want and create a leisurely look when your mood calls for it.

6.Baggy Jeans
This type of jeans is comfortable to wear as it doesn’t stick to your legs. You can wear them for a long time and pair it with almost any top or shirt. To enhance your baggy jeans-look, pair it up with a chunky belt or a sleek one according to your choice. You can also pair it with sneakers or high heels as both of them go very well. With a pair of baggy jeans in your closet, you open a lot of options for experimentation.

7.Oversized tops
Koreans have indeed championed this style of wearing oversized tops with panache. It has been observed that most Korean girls keep the proportions perfect when it comes to wearing an oversized top. You can wear it as a dress or wear tight-fitting bottoms to complete the look.
Another way of creating a very stylish look with oversized tops is by teaming it up with elaborate footwear. Show off the boots that you love or the chunky platform heels that you bought, with your favorite oversized top.

8.Large shades
When it comes to shades, it is believed by Koreans that the bigger, the better. It is always advised that one should experiment with various shapes and colors when it comes to shades. You will be pleasantly surprised when you try out a quirky pair of sunglasses and be amazed at how it suits you. So, never keep yourself from experimenting with some quirkiness in fashion.

9.Chunky Sneakers
Putting on some chunky sneakers really increases your coolness quotient. Be it any color or any length of heel, a sneaker helps you accessorize fashionably yet comfortably. You can pair it with trousers, jeans or dresses to bring out a very smart look.

10.Mix and Match
Last but not the least, mixing and matching various styles at will brings out the very eclectic essence of Korean Fashion. Feel free to create your own fashion style by mixing and matching different clothes from your own wardrobe. This lets you stand apart in a crowd very easily and also create a look of confidence.

Now that you know ample about the various fashion trends dominating Korea go ahead and get your stylish clothes to keep up with the trend.

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