As urbane human beings, clothing is a requirement in order to be decent and presentable to the public. So unless you are a nudist, you may have difficulty deciding what to wear in the morning and discovering your own personal style. Some people on the other hand simply don't see fashion as something important and pick out random objects of clothing, disregarding the message they are sending to the public. The fact is clothing does more than just hides your body, it has to ability to emphasize your figure, minimize your flaws, give you the image of either expertise or slovenliness, convey your individuality, and make you feel your best.Since the vast majority of people have no choice but to clothe themselves, there is no excuse for people to wear unattractive clothes. People come in all shapes and sizes and there are an assortment of clothing styles that are capable of both accentuating your best assets and screening your flaws. This alone makes fashion a very important thing. There are various different trends in fashion going on in the world but one that has evolved drastically is the Korean fashion and fashion In Singapore.

Korean fashion has an ever-growing ensuing, despite attracting less attention than its flashy “little sister” K-Pop; it’s a trend now going worldwide. At first glance fashion in Korea may be confused with many other styles, generation and the like but these are the fancies of the idols, not the attire of your Korean man-in-the-street. Korean men’s fashion is distinguished by the wearer; Korean men choose stylish clothes and are particularly adept at combing different styles to create a look that works, whether for a night out at chic night club or just at leisure. Fashion is as important to Korean men as it is as women, unlike many western countries. It is therefore, very uncommon to find a Korean men dressed in a plain T-shirt and old jeans. A lot of time is spent considering what to wear, especially among university students, mindful also of the importance of the right hairstyle, all the more important as compulsory military service looms. Of particular note is the tousled hairstyle, now synonymous with Korean men’s fashion, the so-called teased “do”.Korean fashion is a class apart and is spreading worldwide fast. People have adopted the esthetics of fashion in Korea and accepted it as a unique style.

Not only is fashion a powerful way of manipulating the public's opinion of you, it also allows you to convey your individuality. If you went to a private school where you were forced to wear uniforms, you may realize how boring it is to dress just like everyone else. There are an assortment of stores that sell different styles of clothing from preppy, punk, Goth, and skater. You can show the world what type of music you listen to by wearing the shirt you got at a concert, your sense of humor by wearing a tee with a witty saying, or your stance on political issues by wearing it on your attire. Fashion is not all about trends. We should not be mindless zombies that believe what Vogue says we have to wear. Fashion is about looking our best while still incorporating our own unique style and individuality while choosing clothing that flatters our body. Embodying this idea in design, fashion in Singaporehas boomed around the world.

Lastly, fashion is important to make people feel their best. When you wear clothes that fit you properly and really mirror your taste, it can add a boost of confidence. When you feel good in what you are wearing, you may find yourself in a better mood and in turn people will begin to view you differently. Overall, it's amazing what some fabric can do for our self-esteem!

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