A simple coat is essential when you leave the house during these autumn days, as it is cold in the mornings and evenings, but hot in the daytime. This temperature difference causes the skin to lose its natural “balance” and the amount of sebum secreted is increased; if the removal of this excess sebum is not carried out properly, it can cause skin problems.

To prevent this issue, you need to pay extra attention to basic skin care. In particular, you should use a moist and soothing Korean skincare product to safely pass the season.
The first step in basic Korean skin care is to use skin toner products, for example, skin packs, 7-skins, mist, and so on. The skin pack is used like a mask pack after soaking the skin in the cotton, and the 7-skin method is to layer the toner several times to absorb it into the skin. This method is effective for people with severe, drying Water-deficiency oily skin. It is better to use a natural moisturizing toner or a soothing toner that suits your skin type rather than a toner containing alcohol, which can cause dryness.

There are various methods of using skin toners, but the most common is to wipe the product with a makeup cotton after cleansing, following the texture of the skin. A good product to use as a toner wipe is the SOME BY MI AHA, BHA and PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner (AHA, BHA, PHA, 30 DAYS MIRACLE TONER). This product is one toner but it has various uses such as exfoliation, pore management, moisture supplement, and complexion improvement.
Korea Open the Beauty has introduced a product that allows you to manage your keratin every day with one toner. The AHA, BHA and PHA ingredient gently cleans the keratin and waste accumulated on the skin to normalize the renewal cycle of skin cells, maintaining a glowing and healthy complexion.
The AHA ingredient removes wastes and old keratin from the skin surface and is excellent for pore management and is widely used in pore shrinking skin. The BHA ingredient helps remove blackheads and whiteheads, making it suitable for sebum-controlled cosmetics and oily skins. PHA components dissolve keratin and prevent skin moisture loss. The user may be worried that the formulation will dry up too quickly after use, but it contains 10,000 ppm of natural tea tree extract, which improves problems such as dry skin and skin tugging.

The product is also a weak acid toner. After cleansing, most skin is alkylated by cleansers. If you balance it with a weak acid, you can prevent trouble and maintain a healthy complexion.
For information about use of the AHA, BHA and PHA 30 Days Miracle Line product, which is complemented use of many toner products, please refer to OpentheBeauty.com https://openthebeauty.com/.

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