We all want to change some aspect of our lives. We go through difficult circumstances and experiences that we want to overcome as soon as possible, since none of us like the suffering that goes with the difficulties, problems and obstacles that we face in our lives. Health problems, money, conflicting relationships, whatever experience we are going through is our responsibility to transform the experience to a different reality, positive, a reality of happiness and abundance.

How do we transform our lives?
How to overcome negative and difficult situations?
How to create a reality of happiness and abundance?

Sorry to bring you bad news, there is no magic pill to transform lives. And that is the biggest obstacle, our passivity. We are sitting on the lake shore, the shore of the shortcomings, the obstacles, the problems we have created in our lives, and we intend to reach the other shore, the shore of abundance, happiness without getting wet, without having to swim to the reality we want, without making any changes inside of us, without effort.

And yes a lot of people accumulate knowledge, read motivational books, attended classes and seminars, affirmations and meditations, hoping that they will transform their lives. Indeed all this knowledge is wonderful, tools that teach us and help but if we don’t put this knowledge into practice is worthless.

We bought the fins, diving goggles, swimsuits, and we sit on the shore waiting, complaining about our circumstances, our problems, our jobs, and the people around us. Hoping that the next book we're going to buy, the next seminar we attend will take us to the other side, to the reality we want without having to jump into the water.

What are you waiting for?
You're sitting in a barn of abundance, the barn of your knowledge and, still hungry?. Get going, start swimming, with the tools you have today! with the knowledge you have today!.

I know it can be overwhelming to look at that mountain of knowledge, and sometimes we don’t know where to start. Think positive, healing your wounds from the past, set your goals, meditation, positive attitude, live the present, the power of faith, the conscious use of your energy, perseverance, self-confidence, knowledge and many fantastic tools that have learned to transform and improve our lives. But how many of these do you apply to your day to day?

The good news is you don’t have to eat the entire barn in one day. Simply take a single grain, just one of those wonderful tools. Simply start applying a single grain of knowledge to your life. Start today to experience a single grain of that mountain of knowledge you already have and then you will begin to experience great changes in your life. You have started to swim to the other side and with each stroke you apply the next grain of knowledge to feed you on your journey.

Scherezade Lozano

Author's Bio: 

Scherezade Lozano, master astrologer, spiritual coach, and author, provides individuals and business organizations with valuable information to help them achieve internal balance. To understand the situations and people in your present moment and to gain a higher perspective where you will be able to capitalize on the present opportunities and to make the changes that are necessary in your life or business to improve your experience and your results.

Scherezade has studied astrology extensively and has guided many individuals and business organizations to discover higher qualities and identify opportunities to manifest love, wealth, abundance, happiness and success.

Scherezade readings and astrological analysis are not light readings, Scherezade's readings are life changing experiences, as she combines her extensive astrology knowledge with her natural gifts of channeling and intuitive energy reading.

Master Astrologer (Centro de Estudios Astrologicos)

Spiritual Counselor (Delphy University)

Instructor of Inner Sanctuary Training (Delphy University)

Mind Control Institute (Mind Control Jose Silva)

Primordial Meditation (Deepak Chopra)

Publications: Sucess Secrets and Habits, Guided Meditations (audio), Daily Affirmations (Audio).

And in Spanish: La felicidad Si Existe, Desde La Eternidad del Alma, Tus Negaciones y lo Dios piensa de Ellas, A Su Imagen y Semejanza