Question: Divine Mother talks about the wisdom coming from the heart and the knowledge from the heart versus the knowledge coming from the intellect…could you talk about the difference?

Divine Mother: What has happened is too much reliance has been given to the intellect and in that reliance upon the intellect, the intellect has become ego driven, small self driven. The intellect in and of itself is beautiful, expansive, however, the small self, the ego likes to feel important and better than other people so the problem that has occurred is that the ego has grabbed the intellect and says, “I am it.” The heart, however, has not been grabbed by the ego. The heart is so big, the small self is actually afraid of it. The heart is an unlimited resource in your life. So because the intellect has been made small, it’s decisions and choices are often small. Don’t calculate the whole. They are made often for personal gain and personal betterment at the expense of somebody else, whereas the heart cannot do this. The heart is Infinite. The heart’s quality is love and love cannot harm.

Real love cannot harm. I am aware that people have claimed that they love and then they do something harmful. This is false love and it has cause a lot of confusion with the intellect. The real love is not harmful. The heart – real love – is highly intelligent. Because love is infinite, the intelligence that comes from love is also infinite intelligence. Most people have not valued love as intelligence. They have valued it as emotion. Love is life-force, life energy. Real love is Divine. Real love is God. So you are connecting with God when you are experiencing real love and you are connecting with the intelligence of God. That is what very few people on this planet have been taught to recognize. There is an incredible intelligence that comes with the experience of real love...that intelligence can bring the intellect back into balance. The intellect that has been grabbed by the small ego-based mind. Then the intellect can unite with the heart’s intelligence and receive its benefits and the two together are beyond what you think of as genius. What you think of as genius on this planet is paltry compared to what real genius is. This is what the human being can experience and is destined to experience. If any human and it is my hope that many humans will start referencing the intelligence of the heart because the intellect definitely needs its nourishment. The intellect governed by the small ego has become a maniac. It is doing absolutely crazy things in the name of what is supposed to be intelligent decisions and choices. It is doing these crazy things because it doesn’t have an expanded awareness. It has a small vision. So the small vision creates some affect in a small area that is devastating to the other areas. And this has happened over and over on this planet. So the heart has to be acknowledged for its infinite intelligence. I will go so far as to say that the infinite intelligence is the Creator’s intelligence, God’s intelligence. That is the way human beings need to conduct their lives. Because the small intellect will continue to harm life without that union and support. Not only union and support…union and guidance from the Infinite intelligence available from the heart.

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