There are uncountable products and preparations claiming to help hair growth and reduce hair fall. Many times people get tired of trying out various options. However, there is one natural and proven alternative to all those shampoos, tonics, and hair oils sold over the counter.

Growth supplements for hair

If you have never heard of using bone broth for hair growth, then you may frown upon the very idea of trying such an out of the box option. Considering the variety of advantages, bone broth is being perceived as one of the best home remedies for promoting hair growth.

You will get a long list of tips and options if you google how to grow hair faster naturally in a week. Application of raw eggs onto the scalp has also been practiced by women who want their hair to look healthy and thicker. Eggs are rich in proteins and therefore these can be used for improving the health of hair.

On the other hand, bone broth is a rich source of multiple nutrients in addition to proteins that are essential for healthy and longer hair. Instead of a local application, bone broth works best if you drink it regularly.

Strengthening of collagen tissue is vital for a strong body. Bone broth contains collagen proteins to deal with the problem of weak hair follicles. Hairs require minerals and vitamins in addition to proteins to arrest hair loss. These can be easily sourced from bone broth, apart from proteins.

Few tips for making bone broth

Preparation of bone broth for hair growth is a simple process as you only need to boil the bones for a long time by keeping the flame on simmer. The boiling ritual needs to repeated for a couple of days. You may add chopped vegetables and vinegar for taste.

The filtered liquid can be preserved in a fridge for daily consumption. There are several ways to drink bone broth. You may either have it as soup before your lunch or drink it in the morning for a healthy start to the day.

The most vital ingredient of a bone broth is collagen protein as it forms the major portion of its constitution. This variety of protein is exactly what is required for faster hair growth. Collagen is also found to reinforce hair follicles for greater hair strength.

Vitamins and minerals in bone broth are extremely important for repair and prevention of further damage to hair. In short, bone broth is a comprehensive health formula for hair growth.

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