Why is it that what someone else has usually seems to look, taste, feel, sound and smell better than what we have?
For example, I notice that I illustrate this point a lot when I’m dining out with my husband. Although I usually like what I have, the dish he orders always seems to look and taste (yes, I just have to have a bite) better. But the truth is that his dish isn’t usually better than mine, just different, and in my mind at that moment, different equals better. But then I settle into my own meal and discover that it, too, is quite tasty.

It’s been my experience that this type of irrational reasoning is true for many of us. We tend to think the grass is greener on the other side, and greener grass equals better grass. Or at least it seems that way until we get to the other side, look back and discover that our grass was already pretty green and easier to keep.

This type of back-and-forth thinking robs us of our peace. We can never feel content with ourselves or our lives as long as we keep coveting the lives and possessions of someone else who we think has it better.

It’s not the easiest habit to break, but it’s well worth it to try. Only then will we be able to fully appreciate the abundance of blessings that already exists in our lives.

As I continue my own inner work towards fully appreciating my already-green grass, I try to constantly remind myself of simple truths that I have discovered along the way. When I remember them, I feel a lot more grateful for the life I have and all that comes with it. Maybe they’ll help you, too. Here are a few of those simple truths:

  1. Everything in your life was created just for you. It’s all necessary for your continued existence and growth.
  2. In essence, people are people—created the same. None more. None less. Only our circumstances, choices and talents differ.
  3. No matter how good other people seem to have it, if I lived their lives instead of my own, I’d have to live their problems, too. No thanks.
  4. Although I don’t have everything I want, I have everything I need and then some. God has seen to it.
  5. Things are not always the way they seem. What appears to be better may actually be worse in disguise.

I’m sure you can add significantly to this list, because, no doubt, God has blessed you abundantly as he has me. The key is to remember our blessings and how good we’ve got them, especially when we’re thinking someone else has it better. When we do, we will discover peace to be the greatest blessing of all.


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