Let’s get ready to rumble. Hey! I am guilty of it. I am guilty of having terrible fantasies about beating up people. Although I make a point to be non-violent and try and handle all my affairs with flair and civility in the real world, there is an evil wicked part of me that just wants to see awful things happen to my adversaries.

I am sure if you are a New Age fanatic, you are probably going to leave this page. Besides, we New Age people can’t ever speak about violence. We have to always be cool as a cucumber. We need to be serene and relaxed as a master of Zen. We have to turn the other cheek, and love our enemies. I’ve tried all those things, and I only managed to find peace, after I ripped the stuffing out of my goose feather pillows.

Lets just face it. We are going to get angry. There are going to be people who always manage to piss us off. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. There are the, I am better than you people. These are the people who have to always one-up you. Then, there are the double talkers and double walkers. These are the people who play both sides of the fence. They love gossip, and they can’t wait to earn your trust so they can tell the whole office all of your dirty secrets. Then, there are the D-list wannabe movie stars. People who love attention and will do anything to get it, including stealing your ideas, money, and love interest.

I think the people who invented all those violent video games were on to something. It is a great way for us to let off steam. My favorite video game growing up was Punch Out by Nintendo. I could relate to the main character. He was a small diminutive, hand-drawn figure who looked a lot like Rocky. He was named Little Mac. He was matched up against strong fictional characters with necks as thick as tree stumps. They had cool names like King Hippo, Bad Bull, and Glass Joe.

Little Mac took a lot of punches. With the clock ticking away, and the punches wearing him down. He had to learn his opponent’s weaknesses, and then be strong enough to come up with a strategy to bring him down. This game was very popular because it was a lot like real life. Everyday, we take punches, and get beat up. We get angry mainly because we feel defeated. We feel like these people have taken something away from us, or have prevented us from getting something that we wanted.

The best war tactic is to destroy someone’s self-confidence. Your opponent wants to break you down, so you won’t even think about challenging him. When people do things that bother you, or get under your skin. They know your weaknesses. They are knocking you out and laughing as you struggle to get back up. They have managed to bring the worst out in you, because they know your flaws and insecurities.

The best way to handle these kinds of people is not to let them win. Get up and back into the ring and fight back knowing that you are divinely protected. If you have no fear, then people really can’t do much to hurt you. They can humiliate you, break your bones, and cause you to lose your job. However, you must trust that God, or a Divine power will work to bring restoration in some way. If someone threatens to hi-jack your desires, trust in the Divine that your desires will come in another way.

Once you begin to understand these concepts, you will know your weaknesses. You will begin to have more power over yourself. You will be able to block and dodge those punches. And then come up with a strategy to knock-out your opponent. We have to understand that our opponent’s strengths are our weaknesses. By understanding our opponent, we are better able to master ourselves.

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