There are many people that get into deep trouble when it comes to their debts. Most of these people get into bigger trouble because of not knowing their rights as consumers and there are actually lenders that take advantage of this ignorance. When it comes to debt and credit, ignorance is definitely not bliss – ignorance costs you more money. The longer you stay in bad debt, the more misery you take upon yourself. You need to get started now with your homework and begin on your journey to bad credit repair.

Reputation is very important in today’s society. This is why your credit reports are very important because they represent your financial reputation. These reports contain your personal information and history that includes but is not limited to employment, instances of bankruptcy, credit accounts and payments, and so much more. Credit reports may also include the credit inquiries made in the past two years by potential lenders. Bad credit is already an overwhelming struggle as it is and two years can be too long a time. This is why there are people that repair bad credit on their own. Good thing we have federal laws in place to protect the rights of consumers as they explore their credit repair options.

The Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is the primary law that protects consumer credit rights. The FCRA entitles you to get a free credit report from any or all of the credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion upon request once a year. This law reserves the right of consumers to dispute erroneous and unverifiable items that may appear on their credit report. Filing disputes on your credit doesn’t cost you and the credit reporting company is given up to 30 days to respond and provide you with a free credit report which is not counted as your annual free copy. This is probably one of the best bad credit repair tips that I’ve learned.

Over and above your right to clean up inaccurate information on your credit report, you also have the right to privacy on all your credit information. Credit reporting companies have provisions with regards to the type of information that they can share with each other, as provided by the FCRA. Only relevant information related to a particular type of request may be provided by credit reporting agencies to creditors when the latter requests a copy of credit reports. This helps a lot in the process of credit repair because it discourages further credit denial that may be based on erroneous or irrelevant information. The credit reporting agencies must also protect your personal information against possible identity theft. This makes creditors review only the needed information when viewing your credit report.

However hard credit repair may be, an awareness of your rights can ease everything help to help you get back on your feet again. Bad credit is like a predator that preys on the helpless people. With the right homework and information though, you wouldn’t have to put up with bad credit for too long.

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