Celebrities are known for their style sense, talent and their attitude. In corners of our heart, we keep our favorite celebrity as an ideal and at time of deciding any dress pattern, color factor, any jewelry, accessory we use to follow them. Same happens when we decide to buy leather handbags because it is also one of the most important accessories for us and we don’t wish to compromise on it in any aspect. Yesterday I was also thinking to buy a new leather handbag but of which brand and of which style I was confused so I started searching online the options and celebrities who use to carry such. In course of that I decided to share choices of celebrities about handbags with all. It is not possible to list all celebrities so a short list of celebrity I am going to share below. They are:
1. Angelina Jolie- A famous actress who is well recognized for her style sense. Her favorite brand for handbag is Gucci. It is an Italian brand which is famous all over the world for its leather made fashion products.
2. Jennifer Lopez- A well recognized American actress and a successful business woman she is. Her style sense is well admired by young generations. She loves to carry tote bags with her.
3. Bonham Carter- Well recognized actress who was included in ‘International Best Dressed list’ by Vanity Fashion in 2010. Her favorite brand is Prada leather handbags.
4. Michelle Obama- First lady of America who is not only known for being wife of the president Barack Obama but for her knowledge, activeness and great style understanding too likes VBH leather clutch bags.
5. Britney Spears- A famous singer, songwriter and actress who is set in almost all minds as a fashion and today’s singing ideal. She uses to carry Juicy Couture leather hand bags almost all the time.
6. Shakira- the singer who needs no introduction to world as her songs ahs displayed her to every music over well. She loves to carry leather hand bag of Louis Vuitton brand.
7. Miley Cyrus- the well known singer and actress have been seen several times in events with Julie K hand bags.
8. Kasia – a rock singer cum song writer cum actress cum producer. She is not acknowledged only for her good rocking songs but also for her impressive fashion sense. She also loves Louis Vuitton brand hand bags most.
Above celebrities are fond of using leather designer handbags and such fondness could be witnessed easily by seeing their photographs clicked at any event. I do not suggest for copying totally your favorite celebrity in matter of handbags but you could surely get an easy idea from their choices and preferences. I use to take such idea and use to get appreciation and appraisal for my style sense. Today I am going to shop handbags for me and Gucci is my favorite brand among all but it is too costly so I cannot afford this. But it is sure that I will buy leather bags of almost same style. I hope I will get it.

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