Amongst the wide range of email applications, Outlook is one of the most preferred email clients that are chosen but sometimes the several version in which it is available makes it difficult for the users to decide which one suits their needs. Almost all Outlook application version other than Outlook 2011 are interlinked because, Outlook versions till 2010, create PST format mailbox which can be accessed on all Outlook versions except Outlook 2011 whereas the Outlook for Mac client stores its data in OLM format. The latter part of the segment discusses the reason due to which many organizations in today’s time are getting eager to Convert OLM address book in Outlook.

Technical Issues Surfaced With Outlook 2011

When Outlook 2011 is being used, users cannot synchronize their account with an Exchange Server because the Server only runs on Windows operating system and not on Mac systems. So, even due to this problem users might feel the need to Convert OLM address book in Outlook because address books are one of the most important assets of an organization because in the present time organizations basically deal with business of products and services and to do that contacts are the most important and hard earned information.

Address book of an organization consists of a seriously huge number of contacts which are quite significant to the company for their business but you might be thinking that just for the sake of an Exchange Server; no one would want to convert OLM address book in Outlook.

For Outlook 2011 application program the Mac system supports MS Office 365 which works like the Exchange Server but because it lacks some of the aspects and has a few drawbacks users have to convert OLM address book in Outlook.

Know Why Depending On Office 365 Could Prove To Be A Huge Failure

Storage capability of Office 365 is costlier than that of Exchange Server because it costs expensively upon the user for each gigabyte that is used.

Office 365 offers a low level of SLA; in fact it doesn’t guarantee approximately 99.999% of the uptime.

Provides users with a high range of facilities; all of which are not even required by them, especially at the cost at which it is given.

Server is handled by an administrator as well as someone else at the other end and in order to gain the complete access of the server for maintaining confidentiality, user has to purchase a particular license which is quite pricey as compared to an entire Exchange Server package.

Even after using hybrid level of capabilities it however deploys the Office 365 in the cloud.

Most importantly; Office 365 is over integrated i.e. users can own the application’s complete potency only if operated on a Windows based O.S. So, either you get all or; simply nothing.

OLM Contacts Migrator: With this application to convert OLM address book in Outlook many organizations have been helped with the transfer of one of their most significant data file i.e. contacts which also helped them in avoiding the over-the-top expenditure spent on Office 365.

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