Magento is a popular PHP-based open-source platform offering exciting ecommerce features and flexibility to online stores.

Now, it has much flawless administrative management system with several appearance and functionalities. The platform can be integrated appropriately into your running ecommerce website to deliver a dynamic interface that not only sells the products also provides an out of the world User Experience to your customers.

No doubt, it is a powerful open-source platform and so providing highly dependable solutions amongst online shoppers. Some top benefits of Magento ecommerce development are given here that can prove it a reliable open-source framework-

1. Open-source Platform

Magento is free due to open-source technologies and programming languages. Having free and open-source features it comes with the following benefits-
• Reliability
• Stability
• Auditability
• Cost
• Flexibility and Freedom
• Support and Accountability
The above-given features facilitate developers a high level of flexibility with complete free solutions.

2. Various Extensions/Themes

Magento comes with a huge number of extension in Magento marketplace. For the latest version 1.9.x and version 2.0, Magento Connect and Magento Marketplace is a big store of Themes and Extensions respectively. Using these themes and extensions you will be able to improve the functionality and performance of ecommerce site. You can add extensions for various features like SEO, blogging, marketing, and handling etc. The extensions allow you to whether install or buy an extension.

3. Multiple Stores from One Admin

Working on Magento platform you could run multiple online stores from a single admin control. If you want to have multiple stores for different brands and products but want to handle all them from a single harmonized backed system you should choose Magento as it offers a complete backed system for you.

4. Mobile Compatibility

Mobile commerce is hugely expressing the ecommerce business and most of the mobile users buy their products using mobile application. A Magento development company facilitates developers to plug the mobile application into the Magento store and enables them to launch for the users. Some pre-built apps solutions are-
Simicart: It is one of the best mobile app solutions for the Magento ecommerce business.
Ipragmatech: It is an Android mobile application that can be connected with Magneto based store and it is free for 30 days.

5. SEO

Magento comes with pre-integrated SEO tools and features help online retailers to improve their website rank and boost the functionality. Some SEO features in Magento are-

• URLs with Search Engine compatibility
• Google sitemap
• Auto-generated sitemap
• Full control on URLs from URL rewrites
• Meta description option for services, products, and categories
• Google content API and auto-generated search pages

6. Free Marketing Tools

A Magento web development company offers lots of pre-integrated Marketing tools are used to promote your ecommerce business and products-

• Up-sells and cross-sells related to products
• Product and category promotional tools with the limit to store
• Minimal advertising cost
• Several landing pages for product categories
• Novel product marketing and promotional tools
• Persistent shopping cart and free shipping option


7. Easy Hosting

There are many Hosting sources in a large community of Magento. You can find lots of option to select best hosting service to your Magento store. But you should optimize the price, scalability, capability, and performance according to the size of Magento store. Besides, you can seek pre-hosted and ready to use Magento store, you just need to add themes and products. Some pre-hosted Magento stores are-
Ipragmatech: It is Magento2 stack AMI which ready to launch with the pre-built environment for scalability, performance and high accessibility for Magento store.
Bitmani: You can start Magento with one step from the Bitmani Cloud Launchpad for AWS (Amazon Web Services).

8. Community Support

There are a great number of Magento developers and experts who working for Magento. So, the Magento community is growing fast day by day without any suspicion. They are always ready to provide solutions and support as regards any technical and programming issue. The popular Magento solutions panel are-
Stack Exchange: Stack Exchange is an interface platform helps users or developers in communicating with the large community of Magento experts. You can submit your query and problems related to any technical issues.

Magento Community: This is known as an official forum for Magento Community which provides all solutions related to Magento development.


There are many other reasons why Magento is a topmost open-source platform across the world. Still, it remains unbeaten due to its large community of developers help customers anytime without any cost. But it is also vital to understand that all platforms come with their benefits and drawbacks. However, Magento is mostly admired one and may run long irrespective of small or large ecommerce businesses.

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Mr. Rahul Mathur is the Founder and CEO of the ARKA Softwares . ARKA Softwares is a leading global IT solution, consulting firm and Top web / Mobile App Development Company. Rahul Mathur has been administrating the company since ARKA’s establishment, in 2010. He had several global leadership appearances. As well, he is a passionate writer. Today under his execution, ARKA Software is leading 250+ happy customers with 50+ employees in the global market.