You won’t agree with us but there are times when we prefer to convert actual leads into sales but often end-up in getting clients who aren’t interested in our products or service.
Isn't it true? It has been because there are times when you thought that you might have missed something while executing digital marketing.
What if we tell you that there are many types of lead-generating tools that might help you? Besides email marketing, lead generating tools are far better in sorting out the potential leads from the rest.
Mailchimp and OptinMonster are the best lead generating tools that have established the founding stone of many start-ups and even gave life to the services of the bloggers.

But what is Mailchimp and how can it be conducive for you to use?

Mailchimp is coined as an email service provider that allows users to send marketing emails and this tool also provides a detailed analysis of the success of the email marketing campaigns.
With the help of this tool, one can segment their email list, create unique tags for their audience, or even dispatch email campaigns to the selected group of customers.

Few Facts:
=> It helps one to figure out different ways of how they can get more people to open their mails and allow them to click through the site's content and even allow them to purchase their products.
=> This tool also helps in building sign-up forms as well as the landing pages.
Mailchimp is known as a tool that offers lead generation as a supplementary service.
=> It serves as the platform where one can send up to 12,000 emails to more than 2,000 subscribers each month and do not constitute any financial expenses.

Platforms where the MailChimp works-
=> It works on I-phone based applications.
=> It works on different web-servers
=> It works on Android-based application

For what size of the business does the MailChimp work effectively?
It works efficiently for freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises.
How does its customer support work?
It provides an online, knowledge base, and video tutorials.

How does it help one to ease the customer’s queries?
This tool is quite helpful in creating visually appealing emails for general staff and is conceived as quite simple for anyone to create even if he/she is not a graphic designer.
It is considered so easy to use that its templates can easily build emails that do look great on all the types of devices. It simplifies the segmentation of the email-listing and is considered as easy to use the software.
Moreover, it deals with inquiries promptly.
The total number of integrations included in this software is more thousands and it includes Big-commerce, Drupal, Facebook, Google Analytics, HubSpot CRM, Hubspot Marketing Hub, Instagram, Magento Commerce, and LinkedIn and much more.

Know the in-depth features of MailChimp
Here are some of the amazing features that one should have a look-
=>Email Designer- It is the best tool because the emails designed by this are unique owing to the style of writing and graphics embedded upon them surely attract more traffic.
=> Email Templates- It allows email-marketers to choose different types of e-mailing strategies which include dispatching of brochures, pamphlets, quotations, and even introductory email.
=> Multi-User Account- It is one such emailing strategy that allows users to create multiple accounts by signing up and is quite helpful in increasing the rate of conversions.
=> Spam-Filter Diagnostics- It is regarded as one such tool where the spams do get automatically filtered, it’s functionality is however different from other tools.
=> Email Delivery- It is a tool that is highly used in delivering a bunch of emails.

What exactly is the OptinMonster?
OptinMonster is regarded as the most powerful lead generating software that is used by the marketing agencies, eCommerce websites, bloggers as well as by the small business owners. With this tool, a digital marketer can grow his/her email list and also improvize the website conversions by reducing card abandonment.

Now, you must be thinking about what all different types of platforms do the OptinMonster works?
OptinMonster works effectively on web-based applications.

For which specific set of organizations does it work effectively?
This lead-generation tool works effectively for freelancers, small businesses, and mid-size businesses except for large-sized organizations.

Does it also provide customer support?
=> Online and knowledge-based applications are its customer support.
=> The benefit of using the OptinMonster tool
=> It works efficiently when it gets to plug into email marketing software such as MailChimp and avoids the need of using the Zapier and much more manual workaround.
=> Campaign analysis and A/B Testing are the two of its most favorable features.
=> This lead generating software tool's total integration is a way more than 40 and the most popular ones are Google Analytics and Hubspot Marketing.

Know the features of OptinMonster in length.
Some of its amazing features include-
=> Lead Generation- It is one such specific tool that enables the digital marketers to choose the actual set of leads from the herd which can be easily converted.
=> Converting Forms- After creating the custom lead magnet, one can create an opt-in form for it and its conversion is highly dependent upon different things that are available on the website.
=> Behaviour Personalization- It also gives the digital marketer an idea about what exactly their targeted audience prefers to buy or even look for it.
=> Page-Level Targeting- It is a function that enables a web-developer to target the specific set of pages which is meant for the appropriate type of the audience.
=> Well-timed and custom pop-ups- Without even the use of coding one could create custom-pop-ups on their website.
=> A/B Tests- It facilitates the functioning of automated testing.

How does the OptimMonster work effectively with ESPs?
=> If you are thinking of combining OptinMonster with any other type of email service provider then you can surely get more email subscribers from the commercial site traffic with this tool.
=> It automatically re-sends new leads to ESP’s contact list.
=> It also sends an auto series email campaign that works effectively in merging with ESP to market new promotions, products, or anything that has been demanded by the customer.
=> It is considered as the best formula for keeping the different roles that are unconventionally performed with this tool where ESPs play a significant role in marketing strategy only.

Thus, one can use OptinMonster to increase conversions.
Whereas, Mailchimp is also considered as a good example of being a perfect email service provider and remains an irreplaceable tool in the process.
But OptinMonster is said to be one such tool that generates more revenue in comparison to the usage of Mailchimp.

Does OptinMonster function differently from other lead generating tools? Know why?
=> OptionMonster is often recalled as the best conversion maximization toolkit. It is quite helpful in creating highly targeted campaigns like lead generation, on-site retargeting campaigns, and cart abandonment to convert visitors into leads and customers.
=> It helps one in creating visually stunning opt-in campaigns such as the floating bars, pop-ups, and many more to target specific users.
=> It focuses on growing more email lists so that it gets more page views and even increases the sales alongside in attaining more conversions as part of every customer's journey
=> Moreover, its personalization allows the specific community of the target to grow by at least 30,000 more members in each passing month.

Which one is better out of Mailchimp and OptionMonster?
OptionMonster is one such tool that integrates with more than 30 email service providers and it also includes Mailchimp. It also helps a digital marketer to send new leads directly to their segmented contact lists. Moreover, it also allows one to put their marketing strategy on auto-pilot mode.
MailChimp is called the marketing automation platform that allows users to create, send, and analyze email and ad campaigns along with email templates, landing pages, and mobile app.
Whereas the OptinMonster is the cloud-based marketing automation and lead generation tool that offers A/B testing, campaign scheduling, and much more.
Thus, OptinMonster is a much better tool than MailChimp because of the variable features that generate more revenue and consume less time in processing the applications.

Given below are the in-depth features that value OptinMonster more than MailChimp.
1. Generates more leads through multiple approaches
OptinMonster is one such leading tool that offers more types of campaigns than any other conversion toolkit on the market.
Apart from being just a pop-up company, it is quite helpful in letting more potential leads through multiple approaches. It includes-
=> Fullscreen Welcome Mats
=> Slide-In Scroll Boxes
=> Countdown Timers
=> Inline Forms
=> Content Lockers
=> Coupon-Wheel Options

2. Design campaigns more quickly than anybody else can perceive
=> OptinMonster's feature tool naming "Drag and Drop Builder" is enough in creating beautiful campaigns that too in the momentum of a few minutes.
=> Its easy-to-use editor gives flexibility to users to design campaigns by their needs.
=> Without any use of the coding skills, one can build more than 50 templates that work efficiently on laptops, smartphones, and tablets too.
=> Thus, building a 100% customized template that too from a scratch is possible through this application.
=> In addition to it, this tool is quite easy for anybody to use and empowers one to easily design powerful and persuasive campaigns within the short span of a few minutes.

3. Eases the conversion rate of the customers at every stage of their journey
If you want to target the specific audience by penetrating the market with a triggering idea then what could be better than using this tool that remains unbeatable in all the aspects.
It offers more ways than one to advertise campaigns to the right set of people.
Some of its targeting features include-

=> Page-Level Targeting- This tool is used by digital marketers to exhibit campaigns efficiently on a specific set of pages.
=> Geo-location Targeting- It is the tool that is used to target the right side of the audience to exhibit campaigns that sourced from different specific regions.
=> Referrer Detection- This tool is used to show messages directly to users that are based on the preferences originating from the website.

One can also use the triggers to determine the analysis of user behavior especially when they will see a campaign. Some of its common triggers include-
=> Exit-Intent- It is used to showcase the campaign differently so that the coming users don't leave the specific site.
=> Scroll Triggers- It is a tool used that is used to display a campaign after the scrolling of the user by a certain percentage of their commercial site's webpage.
=> Monster Links- It is one such tool that is used to create campaigns and allow them to appear large whenever the user wishes to create links.

4. Its potent ability to seamlessly integrate with any ESP ( Email Service Provider)
=> Usually, many digital marketers face enormous problems while combining the lead generator with specific ESP. Thus. OptinMonster is one such suitable tool that fixes this problem.
=> It is capable of providing a small hike in the pricing from an email list constituting more than 500 contacts to more than 2,500 contacts and its prices vary from USD 14 to USD 49 per month.

5. Maximize the impact of a successful campaign with the help of analytics
=> It is considered one of the biggest problems that marketers as well as business owners generally plan while crafting the ad-campaigns.
=> Apart from the marketers, even the bloggers rely upon this information to track down the exact reachability of their content to a specific audience.

The dashboard of OptinMonster provides major three key metrics like
=> Visitors
=> Leads
=> Conversion Rate Percentage

If your company has come into the initial phase of growing then there are three sets of ESPs that one should know?
Here are the three sets of ESPs that a digital marketer must know before using them-
Constant Contact- It is conceived as an excellent solution for small businesses that value phone and email support.
Sendinblue- It is a tool which is regarded as the perfect choice for businesses on a certain budget that seems to be a free option for a digital marketer to get started.
Drip- It is perceived as the most advanced options while launching an application on e-commerce sites.
Irrespective of the fact whether you prefer to use the Mailchimp or any other email servicing provider, one would need to position OptinMonster on the top of the ESP.

In the end, we can conclude that OptinMonster is more inquisitive than MailChimp because of its numerous features including the integration with web-servers and also include the email template designing option.
In the end, it can be classified as the best digital tool for an SEO executive to use.

Author's Bio: 

William Hills is a technical writer at JanBask. He loves writing and sharing topics on Web Design Services, Web Development, E-commerce Website Development & Digital Marketing services and latest trends going around in web world.