Do you always know when you have a winning hand? And if so, do you know when to hold them? Or do you some times, untimely fold? Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

And then, even at times, when you have a winning hand, you suddenly realize it’s time to walk away! Perhaps doing it in the interest of the greater good???

Making smart and sometimes tough decisions for leaders in key roles is not always clear as day. Many times it comes with dark clouds and you want to wait for the storm to pass before you proceed. However, it is during these kinds of times that afford the opportunity for you to get centered, get real, and get ready to find the courage to make those tough decisions. Do Not Delay!

And I ask you, what’s winning anyway?

What does it mean having it all? (Is that winning?)

Is that what you really want?

Are your priorities in order?

Have you mastered the art of delegation?

In order to know when to hold them, when to fold them, and when to walk away; you have to have a high Intelligence Quotient and a formidable Emotional Intelligence plus a high level of intuitive artistry guiding your every step through the tough-decision making process of no matter what, winning/doing the right thing that benefits everyone, not just yourself, or handful of few.

You also have to have a certain amount of experience at folding, losing, and walking away.


What does it take to win, to lose, and to walk away?

• Know what “winning” means to you.
• Know what your objective is.
• Above all, know the level of your expertise.
• And…..know your CORE values!
• This will greatly help you through the tough decisions.
• Remember, not one size fits all, nor most.
• You are more powerful than you think.
• You have great determination.
• You have gracious ways to retrieve when you have to.
• You hold yourself accountable for your actions.
• You never blame others for a reversal of fortune or luck.


• Don’t tie yourself down to a life of misery for the sake of winning!
• Be true to yourself.
• Understand what’s truly important to you, and those that really matter, count and love in your life.
• Walk away when you feel your Integrity may be compromised.
• Be mindful that winning is not everything.
• Here is where experience counts more than anything imaginable.
• Wish for yourself the very same you wish for those you love.
• Be very proud about WHO you are.
• Know that YOU matter.
• Don’t let obsessive desires to win, angle up your life in a time-warp you wished you would have not done.
• Trust your intuition.
• Practice faith and trust in the greatest good.
• Believe in yourself.
• Make Contribution a priority in your life.
• Keep a “Pay It Forward” attitude and mentality.
• Always Be Grateful!


• Put yourself first, up front and center.
• Make a plan to always have your needs met first.
• Remember life is a balancing act.
• Decide what’s acceptable for you and what is not.
• Make a clear list of your boundaries, and share with those that need to know.
• Be the first one to honor and respect your own boundaries. If you don’t, why should others?
• Do NOT stay in a HOLD pattern when you have a lot to lose.
• Fold if you must, and walk away.
• Is it easy? NO.
• Is it healthy? YES.
• What would you gain? Your Sanity and peace of mind, body and soul.
• Don’t ever compromise for the wrong reasons.
• Expanding your mind, will help expand your values, your sense of authentic self, and transparency in all dealings.
• Be willing to play in other people’s sandbox, and play nice.
• Remember to have FUN!
• No matter what, ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL!

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