Know What to Eat To Get Pregnant: Foods to Eat When Trying To Get Pregnant Fast

Do you know what to eat to boost your chances of getting pregnant? Think of this. When you are a woman trying to conceive, there is more to it than just making love everyday with the man you love. The food you eat can have a significant impact on how quickly and easily you achieve pregnancy. The food you eat can boost your hormone levels and improve your chances of becoming pregnant naturally.

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Here are tips on how to get pregnant by knowing what to eat.

Drink Plenty of Water

Learn to drink plenty of water as this will help your body to flush out excess toxins. Drinking plenty of water allows your body to transport nutrients to different parts of your body much easier, therefore making the hormones to function properly. Eight glasses of clean water is the recommended amount you should drink every day.

Vegetables and Fruits

Organic vegetables and fruits containing low levels of pesticides are the primary source of nutrients and vegetables that your body requires in order to function optimally. If you want to get pregnant quickly and easily, you have to cultivate the habit of eating vegetables and fruits as much as you can to restore hormonal imbalance.

Eat Foods rich in Zinc

Foods rich in Zinc have major impact on fertility. Adequate amount of Zinc in your food ensures the production of good quality sperm and reduces the chances of pregnancy miscarriage. You can get plenty of Zinc from cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, oysters and crab meat.

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I sometimes hear from people who want to become pregnant and who know that the best time to accomplish this is when they are ovulating. Many aren't sure when this ovulation period is, as it can vary from month to month and from woman to woman. And many women get advice from friends or family members which can leave them unsure as to what is actually true.

I heard from someone who said: "my husband and I have decided to have a baby. I think that I should ovulate soon, but a friend of mine told me that when you ovulate, you have orgasms much more easily and that there are many more of them. I had a couple of orgasms during foreplay a couple of days ago, so I am wondering if this means that ovulation has already happened. I really want a boy baby so I hope that ovulation is still on its way and hasn't already passed."

I had no way to know the answer to this, but the woman would have much more reliable results by using an ovulation predictor until her next menstrual period to see if she got a positive reading (as this would still be a favorable time frame for a boy baby.) Many people will tell you that there are many physical symptoms that will alert you that ovulation is on its way. Examples are symptoms such as stomach cramps, changing cervical mucus, an increased sex drive, or easier to reach orgasms, to only name a few.

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But I don't find the method of gauging these symptoms to predict ovulation to be very reliable, especially when ovulation predictors are so inexpensive and easy to use. And when timing can be so important in having success in easily getting pregnant or in choosing your baby's gender, I just don't understand leaving it to chance.

And here's one other consideration. If you are trying to conceive a certain gender, the woman's orgasm can have an effect on the same. For example, the fluids released during orgasm can make the vagina more alkaline and this favors a boy baby. That's why many woman who want a girl baby will try to avoid orgasm when they are attempting to conceive. But to answer the question posed, having an orgasm doesn't mean that you are ovulating or even that it is approaching. Many women have orgasms at various times throughout their cycle. And the easiest way to tell when ovulating is approaching or has happened is to use an inexpensive ovulation predictor.

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All women encounter vaginal odor at least once in their life. Ever wondered what causes this awful odor that makes you restless in public. Fragrance is loved by all, but an odor that too from vagina can only make people run away from you. Also, women whose vagina stinks are known to be unhygienic. If you are still unsure about what causes your vagina to stink read on.

Here are 7 reasons why your vagina smells.

Improper hygiene ranks first in the list of reasons causing vaginal odor. Not keeping your vagina clean and dry will result in bacterial infection and eventually result in the unbearable odor.

Bacterial infection is one of most common reasons why your vagina smells. Yeast infection is again the outcome of improper hygiene. This can cause strong odor that is noticeable in public or when in company.

Wearing tight panties that do not let in air are also known to cause the odor. Synthetic panties are known to hold on the smell making it even stronger.

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Many women are prone to excessive sweating. The sweat that gathers in and around the vagina can lead to an odor. Sweat also leads to the formation of vaginal infections which is another cause of the odor. Wearing sweat pads can solve the problem.

Improper ph level in the vagina can also lead to the odor. Many women tend to wash their vagina with scented products that takes away the ph level. Imbalance in the ph level is another major cause of vaginal odor.

Not changing the sanitary napkins and tampons frequently also leads to the foul smell. Not following high level of hygiene during the menstrual cycle leads to the fishy smell.

Leaving your vagina wet after bath or after visiting the wash room causes foul smell. It also serves as the breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to yeast infection.

So, henceforth make it a point to take care of your vagina just the way you take care of your face. Keep it clean and say goodbye to the odor.

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Vaginal odor can really be very embarrassing as it's noticeable in public. Attending events, functions and meetings becomes difficult with the vaginal odor. One of the major reasons for vaginal odor is yeast infection or improper hygiene. Cleaning your vagina only during sex should not be your motto. You also need to personally feel and smell good, and thus care has to be taken to avoid vaginal odor.

Here are 7 ways to get rid of vaginal odor.

Many females are prone to sweat. They sweat a lot resulting in a foul smell. The best solution is to wear a sweat pad that can absorb the sweat and leave you odor free.

Wearing clean cotton panties is generally recommended. Avoid wearing tight panties as it can hurt the vagina and not allow any air in. Synthetic materials can hold odor, and should thus be avoided.

Get rid of that pubic hair. Trim it or remove it completely. Hair can hold sweat and be a breeding ground for bacteria. To avoid fishy smells, get rid of that hair now.

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Avoid wearing wet clothes or panties. After a bath, make sure your vagina is pat dry before pulling on the panties. Keeping the area wet, can lead to an unbearable stink that is easily noticeable.

Include yoghurt in your diet. For a quick solution to your vaginal odor, you can also insert some yoghurt in your vagina at night. Yoghurt contains bacteria that are required to maintain the ph level in your vagina. It can also kill the yeast.

Many women use talcum powder to get rid of vaginal odor. However, it can worsen the situation. Use cornstarch instead and see the odor vanishing.

During menstrual days or after visiting the wash room, make sure you wash your vagina well. Clean your vagina even after sexual encounters to get the semen out.

With these tips, I am sure you will find relief from vaginal odor.

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