GH or growth hormone (as we all call it) is required for optimal functioning of various physiological processes and growth of body tissues. One of them is muscles. When the growth hormone is optimally produced in the body, it results in satisfactory results. When one of these results are not achieved, it leads to serious health issues.

What can GH Deficiency Do In Kids And In Adults
GH deficiency can trigger stunted growth in children. It adults, it can be the reason for decreased muscle mass and energy. Remember, the production of GH is at its peak during the puberty, but starts to decline as we grow older. The shortage can affect people such as bodybuilders who are looking at building massive muscles.

GH supplementation is found to be useful in both the cases - deficiency and bodybuilding. The benefits that can be reaped include increased lean muscle tissue, improved lipid profile, reduction in cardiovascular risk factors, increase in bone density and improvement in mental health.

Working of Growth Hormone
Post release from the pituitary gland, it enters the liver to trigger release of a set of growth factors IGF-1. IGF-1 is a 70-amino acid single chain hormone derivative. It is effective in building muscle and reducing fat.

GH doesn't let calories being used for fat synthesis
It is as good as testosterone for boosting protein synthesis. GH uses the calories of the food eaten for protein synthesis. This has been confirmed in some tests as well. Proteins help in building, repairing and maintaining muscles.

GH builds lean muscle mass
It increases the rate at which lipids are broken down via lipolysis. During this process, triglycerides are hydrolysed into glycerol and free fatty acids. The effect on anabolic and lipolytic actions in the body help in losing weight and enhancing lean muscle mass. This is especially beneficial for bodybuilders looking at building muscle mass.

Gh assists when needed the most
GH is known to work best when insulin levels are really low in the body, such as post workout when the insulin has been used by the body. Hence GH must be taken within 30-40 minutes after workout intramuscularly to enter the system.
Another instant is just before going to the bed. Blood sugar level is really low at this time especially when a fight is due and the bodybuilder is living on a low carbohydrate diet. Taking the best human growth hormone for bodybuilding at this time is just the best thing.
Still better, if it is eaten in the middle of the night.

The best thing - GH doesn't demand detoxification. It doesn't make the body toxic due to GH supplementation.

Parting Words...
There is no reason for you to take steroids now. Steroids do not help in increasing the number of muscle cells, GH does. Plus, don't forget steroids cause toxicity in the body and there are a lot of controversies that revolve around the use of steroids. GH supplements on the other hand are completely safe for use by the bodybuilders. They help in producing new cells, which implies that the growth caused looks natural and helps a bodybuilder enhance his capabilities impossible otherwise.

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