All set to expand your business? No matter whether you have a small or successful business, you will experience a number of exciting things during the expansion. 



Whether it is moving locally or another side of the country, it’s inevitable to do everything right from the start. Well, it’s not about simply packing up a few things and just move! It needs proper planning to ensure minimum downtime. However, with adequate planning, you can avoid 8 common mistakes as listed below- 

  1. Moving everything:Depending on how long the move will take, you may not get the chance to move every equipment that was stored so far in the storeroom, closet and even in unused office space. Even, it makes no sense to ask your office removalists in Sydney to move those things that no more in use.

    As a better alternative, you can donate those items to school, nonprofit organisation, or you can put them on sale. 

  1. Use of Only the Large Boxes for Packing:No doubt large boxes can hold a lot of stuff, but while putting books, files or any heavy objects, they become much heavy to weigh and may cause items to fall out from the bottom.

    There is another mistake happen when you fill the large boxes half-way full. After that, when you start stacking those packing boxes one above another, the boxes at the bottom can collapse inward. This can pose some serious hazards, which you can avoid using packing boxes of different sizes and stack them accordingly. For example, when it comes to packing books or a bunch of files, small boxes work great. 

  1. Lack of Labeling:If you don’t level your box, the movers will randomly unload it. And, there would be a chance that the items will mix up making everything a mess. For example, in your old office, each of the computers has a serial number associated to the employee. Packing and labelling all the system according to their serial number will let you know which system to put on which desk and for which employee. 
  1. Not Notifying the Clients Beforehand: Your clients need to know about your move beforehand. It’s a good idea to inform them at least 2 months before the move. Here are a few things you must do- 
  • Update your website with an announcement that you’re expanding.
  • Send clients the necessary mail.
  • Post about your expansion across social media.

    Give them notice a few months before let them schedule the calls a couple of weeks advance, instead of putting last-minute call. 

  1. No Use of Proper Moving Equipment: Since every business relies on IT, it can be quite difficult if you don’t have tools to load, unload and handle IT equipment properly. Make sure you have proper packing boxes and equipment to protect them too throughout the haul. 

So, these were a few mistakes that may happen, against which you can take necessary precautions by hiring any of the best removal companies in Sydney.

Author's Bio: 

The author works in a removal company in Sydney and passionately writes blogs and articles on home and office removal to make clients aware of the moving details.