Want to fix your cracked heels? Well, it is not a serious medical condition. If your heel cracks become deep, it is likely to cause discomfort and pain. Before the cracks of your heels become severe, you are advised to take the necessary steps and treat it as early as possible. For patients with diabetes, they are likely to notice cracked heels. It is because of the uncontrolled sugar level.

Did you know? Obesity can increase the chances of heel cracks. It is mainly due to the excess pressure on the feet. To handle the added pressure of body weight, you are advised to meet a doctor.

Common Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

• Thick Moisturizers

Start with applying moisturisers and heel balm to avoid feet from getting dry. It is also helpful in reducing inflammation. Applying balms may cause a little irritation before providing you with relief. Suppose your condition remains same even after a few days, you may experience pain. In this situation, you have to meet a podiatrist for professional cracked heel pain treatment.

• Liquid Bandage

Like sealing the wound, you can use a liquid bandage to prevent further cracking. It also protects the feet from infection. First of all, clean and dry up the skin. Now apply a liquid bandage to coat the heels. It is best suited when you want to treat deep heel cracks. You can get it from over-the-counter stores.

• Coconut Oil

For dry skin and psoriasis, coconut oil suits the best. It is also helpful in reducing inflammation. First, you have to soak water for a few minutes. Thereafter, you need to use coconut oil. You are advised to follow this method for at least a week before you fall asleep.

• Podiatrist

In some cases, home remedies might not work properly. To get your foot problem treated, you must visit a podiatrist now. Meeting a doctor will help you in getting the best possible treatment. It is going to help you in getting rid of cracked heels such that you won’t feel further embarrassment.

Some Important Facts to Know

Heel fissures are not the only problem that leads to giving painful experience. There are many types of foot and ankle problems due to which individuals often experience heel pain. Some of the heel pain causes include Achilles tendinitis, heel spur, plantar fasciitis, and reactive arthritis.

Let’s discuss cracked heel causes-

• Excessive pressure on the feet
• Standing for long hours
• Taking hot showers for a long time
• Climate and humidity changes
Walking barefoot for long hours

To prevent heel cracks, you are advised to apply moisturisers regularly.

Bottom Line

If you are dealing with cracked heels, it may be the cause of certain medical condition such as vitamin deficiency and hypothyroidism. Pregnancy and aging can also lead to heel fissures. The best way to get heel pain treatment is by hiring a reputed podiatrist. A skilled and experienced foot doctor will help you in treating the underlying condition such that your heel will appear soft, supple, and beautiful.

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment now and meet a doctor today!


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